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Graduate Spring Graduation Ceremony 2016

Graduate Spring Graduation Ceremony 2016

The Tokyo Tech community is pleased to welcome students, parents, members of the Board, deans, directors, and special guests to the Ookayama Campus for the 2016 Spring Graduation Ceremony for master's and doctoral students. Congratulations to all of our graduates, especially those of you who came from abroad to take your degrees. Let us also express our respect to your families, who have given so much to support your academic progress.

Last fall, Tokyo Tech's Honorary Professor Yoshinori Ohsumi was awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine. An honor proudly embraced by the whole Tokyo Tech community, this acknowledgement truly highlighted the importance of fundamental research. The elucidation of the mechanisms of autophagy — the degradation and synthesis of cellular proteins in living beings — could not have been achieved without the professor's striking originality and sheer tenacity. The pure scientist within him saw no need to dwell upon the practical purposes of his research. Nevertheless, urgent technological solutions are required to solve pressing global problems that hinder the improvement of human life. With the rapid development of information technology, we must strive to generate unique ideas, allowing us to create new forms of science and technology that shape the foundations of a prosperous future society. While wishing Professor Ohsumi many more years of success, I am pleased that all of you have had the chance to draw inspiration from him as you progress towards new discoveries and accomplishments.

The master's and professional program graduates here today who are heading into the business world must be both relieved and excited to start your new lives in a fresh environment. Society will expect great things of you as graduates of Tokyo Tech. Still, before you can respond to these expectations, it is important for you to gain day-to-day experiences. As you do this, you can begin to focus not only on completing tasks with accuracy and efficiency, but also on proposing new ways to move forward. In other words, you can start thinking one step ahead. Regardless of your future employer or the type of work you decide to engage in, always endeavor to improve yourself, perhaps by learning the basics of corporate management, or by taking on another foreign language. Challenge yourself and proactively broaden your horizons.

The majority of you continuing on to doctoral programs will develop the research theme addressed in your master's thesis as you further strengthen your research capabilities. You will dedicate your time to experiencing the true depth of science and technology. You will discuss your findings with academic supervisors, labmates, and researchers both within and outside your field of specialization. You will develop a unique perspective that culminates in your doctoral dissertation. The real value of your studies, however, is not embodied solely in your dissertation, but is determined instead by the sum of your experiences during the process that leads to your final performance.

Congratulations to those of you obtaining doctoral degrees today. You have conquered the peak of academic achievement at Tokyo Tech. Some of you will continue in academia, while others will build research careers in the corporate world. Whatever your choice, you now possess the ability to execute the elements and processes required to take on new challenges and solve the most demanding, complex problems. As authorities in your chosen fields, I have no doubt that you will all demonstrate your talent with confidence as you contribute to society on a global scale.

Today, all of you are graduating from Japan's finest university in the field of science and technology. I know that you are proud, as you should be, of this achievement. I encourage you to continue cultivating new values in yourself as you embrace challenge with spirit and enthusiasm. The world is your stage, and as you enter it, the Tokyo Tech community will continue to support you.

I pray for your bright and successful future.

March 27, 2017
Yoshinao Mishima
President, Tokyo Tech