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International Program on Consensus Building (IPCOB) Seminar


Published: February 13, 2013

IPCOB (International Program on Consensus Building) Seminar:
"Tackling Climate Change: A System of Systems Engineering Perspective":
Also, "Fulfillment and Success in Research"

Date & Time : 14:00~15:30 on Friday, March 15th, 2013
(Reception desk will open at 13:30)
Venue : Royal Blue Hall at Tokyo Tech Front

Professor Keith W. Hipel
University Professor, PhD
Department of Systems Design Engineering, University of Waterloo, Canada
*Prof. Hipel is one of the two recipients of JSPS Award for Eminent Scientists (FY2012).

An integrative and adaptive approach to Responsible Governance is put forward for addressing climate change based on a System of Systems (SoS) Engineering framework that reflects the values of stakeholders using a participatory approach and achieves desirable systems goals such as resilience, sustainability and fairness.

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Seminar Poster

Update : September 12, 2013