Part-Time Jobs

TO: Students who are planning to apply for part-time jobs (Updated on June 19, 2020)

Q1: Does Tokyo Tech allow students to apply for part-time jobs?

A1: Most establishments in Tokyo are reopening after measures toward lifting business suspensions moved to Step 3.

Tokyo Tech will not impose any restrictions or standards on the jobs chosen by students. However, students who need income for living are asked to select a workplace where protective measures against the coronavirus have been implemented and to check their own health condition on a daily basis in order to protect the safety of themselves and the community as a whole.

In such cases, please keep a record of your temperature each time before you go to work or come to Tokyo Tech campuses.

If someone in your workplace becomes infected or if you have had close contact with a person infected with the coronavirus, please report it to the Institute and ask for instructions to follow. (More details on how to report this are on the website.)

Please avoid jobs in which you will be in close contact with others, especially those in the adult entertainment business, as it may affect your health and/or schoolwork.

Tokyo Tech introduces part-time jobs for students in the manner described below.

International students should be aware that they must get permission to engage in activities other than those permitted by their visa (permission to engage in part-time work) before engaging in part-time employment.

Arbeit (Part-time Job) Information Network for Students

You can use the email address provided by Tokyo Tech( to view information on part-time jobs 24 hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year via a computer or mobile phone.

Arbeit (Part-time Job) Information Network for Students【Japanese】outer

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Arbeit(Part-time Job) Information Network for Students【English】outer

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Please check the job descriptions and working conditions when applying.