Students' opinions to improve our Tokyo Tech. Student Survey 2016 (Oct. 18 - Nov. 17)


Published: October 21, 2016

To all students:

Tokyo Tech Student Service Center

Student Survey 2016 Student Staff

Tokyo Tech Student Survey is an Internet-based survey for all students which aims to make Tokyo Tech even better by incorporating the opinions and wishes of students regarding such matters as the content of the curriculum, the treatment of students by teachers and campus facilities. The results of Student Survey shall be analyzed by the students themselves and be delivered to President as a proposal. Upon receiving the proposal, relevant sections of Tokyo Tech will react as they find appropriate. The results, proposals and Tokyo Tech's actions for the past surveys are disclosed in Tokyo Tech website (Japanese)outer. You can see there that Tokyo Tech is steadily incorporating the opinions from the students.

"If you don't wish for it, it can't come true."

Student Survey 2016 Poster

The average time required to complete is about 30 minutes via Tokyo Tech Portalouter. However, please feel free to skip any questions that you find difficult to answer, and please be as candid as possible in your answers.


If you have any questionsm, please contact the Student Survey Division, Student Support Center by e-mail at


Student Initiative Support Division,
Student Support Center

Tel +81-3-5734-7629

Update : October 21, 2016