ETH Zurich Student Summer Research Fellowship in Computer Science


Published: January 10, 2017

The Computer Science Department at ETH Zurich offers a fellowship program that allows master’s and 4th year undergraduate students to obtain research experience at ETH Zurich, a Tokyo Tech partner university, during the summer months. Fellows will pursue a research project that aligns with a chosen area of their interest as part of a research group in the Computer Science Department. (Please refer the program’s web page for information about the seven research groups.) The fellowship includes a monthly stipend for housing and living expenses and also covers travel and visa expenses.



10-12 weeks in summer 2017 (June to August)


ETH Zurich (Computer Science Department)


4th year undergraduate students and graduate students in master’s courses

How to apply

(1) After consulting with your academic advisor, submit your online application directly to ETH Zurich.
(2) After the application is completed, notify the International Cooperation Division ( by email that you applied.


Deadline for Application

January 31, 2017 at noon (Central European Time)

Financial and other support

(1) A monthly stipend of CHF 1,750 to cover housing and living expenses will be provided by ETH Zurich. Travel and visa expenses will be covered. Students can claim the travel costs against receipts at the beginning of the program.
(2) ETH Zurich will provide those accepted to the program with information regarding visa applications (where required) as well as assistance with finding affordable accommodation during the summer research stay.

For details about the program, contact ETH Zurich directly and carbon-copy the International Cooperation Division ( in your inquiry.

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