Unauthorized Solicitations on Campus Grounds


Published: December 21, 2018

The Institute has confirmed that there have been repeated incidents in recent months of outside parties entering campus buildings without permission and holding 'career seminars' where students were solicited to enroll in workshops and training programs claimed to be beneficial to career development.

The Institute strictly prohibits outside organizations from holding seminars and soliciting students on campus without prior authorization. The involvement of alumni members in such activities does not make them legitimate. The Institute also forbids its students from carrying out promotional activities in connection with job recruitment or hosting meetings for students who have been recruited to join specific companies after graduation.

Based on Institute policies, on-campus career events held before March (i.e., prior to the official recruitment publicity season) are treated as part of students' career education and are overseen by faculty members. In addition, events held during the official season are organized either by the Student Support Division or by departmental faculty members in charge of employment, with announcements made under their name.

Students are advised to be on the lookout for unauthorized recruiters and illicit career events that appear in contrast to the above. They are strongly discouraged from attending such events or disclosing personal information to outside organizations. Should students witness unauthorized acts of solicitation, they are requested to report them to the Student Support Division.

Contact information
Y. Sasakawa, Y. Watabe
Support Planning Group, Student Support Division
Email: gak.sie@jim.titech.ac.jp
Tel: 03(5734)3012

Update : December 21, 2018