Application Guidelines for MEXT Scholarship (University Recommendation –SGU–) Commencing in October 2019


International students with outstanding academic records who are applying to enroll as regular, degree-seeking students and those who will advance within the university to a doctoral program at Tokyo Institute of Technology in September 2019 may be eligible to apply for the Japanese Government (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology: MEXT) Scholarship (University Recommendation –SGU–). The number of awards is very limited.

Those who apply for the scholarship must meet one of the following conditions:

Be applying for one of the doctoral programs in International Graduate Program (C) (IGP (C)) commencing in September 2019
Be advancing from a master’s to a doctoral program within Tokyo Tech in September 2019
Be applying for one of the master’s programs commencing in September 2019 and be studying in a Tokyo Tech undergraduate program on a Japanese-Korean Government Scholarship or on the MEXT Scholarship (special admission through university recommendation) as of September 2019.
Note: Undergraduate students who are studying on other types of MEXT Scholarship are not eligible for this scheme. Specifically, undergraduates who were not selected for extension of their current MEXT Scholarship; those who had the opportunity to apply for extension of their current MEXT Scholarship but failed to do so, and those who will have an opportunity to apply for extension of their current MEXT Scholarship in the future are ineligible to apply for this MEXT Scholarship (University Recommendation –SGU–).

Application deadline: April 23, 2019

Visit the following page for more information on qualifications and application procedures.

Update : February 1, 2019