Disaster relief for students affected by Typhoon Hagibis


Published: October 18, 2019

Super Typhoon Hagibis hit Japan on October 12–13 and caused significant damage over a wide area. I would like to extend my deepest sympathy to those affected by the disaster.
Tokyo Tech will offer relief for our students facing financial or housing challenges. If you have difficulty paying tuition due to the damage incurred by your family or financial supporters, or if you are struggling to find housing after the flooding, feel free to consult us.
If you are planning to volunteer in a disaster-stricken area, please note that you are asked to follow the relevant guidelines.

Tetsuya Mizumoto
Executive Vice President for Education

Notes and relevant links:
Please download and complete a “Consultation Request regarding Disaster Relief” via the following link, and email it to the Support Planning Group, Student Support Division (see contact address below).

〇Consultation Request regarding Disaster Relief
Consultation Request regarding Disaster Relief.xlsx
〇Guidelines for students volunteering in disaster-stricken areas
Guidelines for students volunteering in disaster-stricken areas.pdf
〇Volunteer Activity Form
Volunteer Activity Form.docx


Support Planning Group, Student Support Division

Ookayama Campus, West Bldg. 8E, Floor 1

Tel: 03-5734-3012

Email: gak.sie@jim.titech.ac.jp

Mailbox: W8-102

Update : October 25, 2019