【ATTENTION】Student ID card and Study Guide


Published: April 9, 2020

The distrivution of Studet ID card and Study Guide has been cancelled. Please see below. (There is possibility of change in the These schedules. Please check this web site from time to time.)

Updated on April 3,2020 Student ID Card is to be distributed through your Academic Supervisor from Monday, April 20, 2020, in principle. It is carried out on a laboratory basis. For students who have difficulty coming to our Institute, instead of handing over Student ID Card, your Academic Supervisor will provide you the information of your Student ID through online meeting and other methods so that you can obtain the email account.

We ask everyone to prohibit entering Tokyo Tech campuses for a while, in order to prevent from spreading the infection of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 and also to ensure the health and safety of the Tokyo Tech community. For that reason, the handing over of Graduate School Student ID Card from the Academic Supervisor has been cancelled. Instead, the Academic Supervisors provide the information of Graduate Schoo Student ID Card in other ways, such as online meetings.

2020.4.8 Student ID card and Study Guide

Update : April 10, 2020