Reservation can be made from March 30th, 2020.


Published: March 24, 2020

[Announcement for all students except undergraduate freshman]


☆All Students are required to take the annual medical checkup starting Wed, April 8th.

 Students must make a reservation and complete medical questionnaire online prior to the medical checkup.


 If you can not make a reservaion, you can not take the medical checkup.

 We reccommend that you make a web reservation and take the medical checkup as soon as possible.


  • <The annual medical checkup for year 2020>click herePDF

  • <How to make medical checkup reservation & questionnaire online>click herePDF


☆Stuents' Medical Checkup for Year 2020 will be carried out by taking preventive measures to avoid the spread of Covid-19.
 We appreciate your cooperation in following the measures below:

*Please prepare your own mask and wear it as much as possible at the medical checkup.

*Do not come to take the medical checkup if :
1) You are adivsed to stay home based on the measures taken against Covid-19
on campus.

2) You have symptoms like fever (body temperature higher than 37.5℃) and cough .

3) You are suspected of Covid-19 infection or/and instructed by the public
health center as a person with close contact with a contagious person, etc. 

*Body temperature will be taken before reception.
Students will not be able to take the medical checkup if the temperature is
higher than 37.5℃.

*Keep space at least 1m between yourself and others at the medical checkup.

*Health check by nurse, doctor's consultation, and blood test will not be carried out this year.

*Chest xray gowns will not be available this year for preventive measures.
Students must wear or bring a plain T-shirt for chest xray.(Do Not wear clothes with buttons or dress)

*The medical certificate will be provided for those who took the medical checkup.


☆A urine test container and the method of reservation and questionnaire on Web are available at places listed below.   

※Enclosed in the admission documents for newly enrolled graduate students.

March 23~May 13

* Ookayama:Ookayama Health Support Center or the Student Division(W8)

* Suzukakedai: Suzukakedai Health Support Center(G4 Building 1F) or the Student Division(J1)



Health Support Center
Tel : 03-5734-2065(Ookayama)


e-mail :

Update : March 24, 2020