Measures against Novel Coronavirus after Arriving in Japan from Abroad or When Experiencing Symptoms


Published: April 3, 2020

To: All Students
From: Tetsuya Mizumoto, Executive Vice President for Education,TokyoInstitute of Technology
Date: April 3, 2020

【Measures against Novel Coronavirus after Arriving in Japan from Abroad or When Experiencing Symptoms】

If you are experiencing possible coronavirus-related symptoms:  

  • Do not go directly to healthcare facilities.  
  • First contact the nearest "Consultation Center for People with Potential 2019-nCOV Exposure" (帰国者・接触者相談センター) to your residence by phone and proceed according to their instructions.  
  • Report the issue to the following Tokyo Tech contact.
      Tel: 03-5734-3003

      Required information when reporting:
      Your name, student ID number, and symptoms
      If you have recently arrived in Japan from abroad, also report your travel destination(s), places you stayed,
      stopover locations and return date.
  • If you are affiliated with a laboratory, report to your academic supervisor as well.

  • If you have arrived in Japan from abroad:

  • Stay at your residence* and self-isolate for two weeks upon returning to Japan.
  •  * This excludes Tokyo Tech dormitories, so you must arrange accommodation by yourself and bear fees
     and other expenses for the 2-week self-isolation period.
  • Reporting your arrival in Japan to Tokyo Tech is not necessary.
     Report details of your arrival and self-isolation status to your academic supervisor if you are affiliated with a laboratory.

  • The AY2020 spring semester will start on April 20, with 1Q courses starting on May 3. During the period between those dates, students are not required to come to campus and are expected to prepare for 1Q.
    Since large gatherings on campus must be avoided due to concerns regarding coronavirus infection, lectures will be held online using a remote lecture system (mainly Zoom). We will provide updates as soon as they become available.

    Tokyo Tech will publish announcements on the following linked web pages or via email. Please check the latest information published by Tokyo Tech:
    /english/enrolled/news/ /english/news/2020/046441.html

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    Update : April 3, 2020