Copy and Paste Plagiarism


Published: May 19, 2020

Dear Students,

There have been growing concerns among members of the faculty regarding the fraudulent use of copy-and-pasted material in some students' submitted work.

As you are all aware from the media attention the issue receives, copy and paste plagiarism is regarded as a serious breach of academic integrity. The fraudulent use of copy-and-pasted text is an act that infringes upon the intellectual property rights of others (copyright). In addition, copying and pasting text from other student's work and submitting it as your own for grade evaluation will be considered equivalent to the act of cheating in an examination.

Despite the seriousness of this issue, the number of cases found by members of the faculty has increased lately. In view of this situation, we might take new measures starting from 1Q of 2020, such as giving the student who plagiarizes (submits improper copied and pasted text) a grade of zero or fail, not only for the course involved but for all courses in which he/she is registered for the same quarter. This is the same punishment for cheating on an examination. As a result, the student may not complete his/her study within the standard duration. In the worst-case scenario, the student would be punished by law.

Such misconduct is unbecoming of our students. Tokyo Tech is committed to upholding the highest standards of academic integrity, and its students are expected to exercise self-discipline to maintain its trust.


Tetsuya Mizumoto
Executive Vice President for Education

Update : May 19, 2020