Campaign for the Registration of Assistants for Children at Schools


Published: June 10, 2020

The summary below describes the Campaign for the Registration of Assistants for Children at Schools.

Following the lifting of the alert level, schools will reopen soon in many areas, requiring a higher number of assistants. The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) has launched the campaign for the registration of people who want to help with tasks at schools - such as assisting children with learning, providing them with emotional support, and helping schools to implement protective measures against the coronavirus - to expedite the process of finding potential candidates for each educational establishment.

Eligibility requirements will very for each prefcture, position, etc., but registration is open to a wide range of applicants, with or without a teacher's license.

●Recruitment Procedure
Once the applicants have registered, MEXT will send a list of the candidates to the board of education of the prefecture or city of their choice designated by government ordinance. If the information registered by the candidates meets the requirements for a position, the candidate will be contacted with detailed information about remuneration, work conditions, job description, and more to proceed with the recruitment process. For more details, please read the online version of the leaflet at the following link.

Assistants for Children at Schools (in Japanese only)

Update : June 11, 2020