ToTAL OPEN Program “Design Thinking 1-day Workshop”


Published: June 26, 2020

This is an announcement of the subject ToTAL/OPEN program “Design Thinking 1-day Workshop” that is a part of “Fundamental Group Wok for Leadership I (S)” of ToTAL course.

  • You have heard “Design Thinking”, which has been taken up by Apple and Google and become widely known among business person as the methodology for generating innovations. Although its 5 steps of method; Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test, should be famous, core of this methodology should be to understand the concepts of both “Creative Confidence; anybody can be creative” and “User Centric; thinking started from users’ point of view”. How you actually do should be thought by you. Design Thinking, from this sense, should be standard “concept”, not “how to” in order to create new value.
  • Purpose of this workshop are to learn essence about Design Thinking methodology. Specifically, the students will be requested to engage in finding and solving issues through pro-active works including discussions and presentation by team.

“Design Thinking 1-day Workshop”

Mr. T. Kashino / Eirene Management School
Date, Time
July 4 (Sat) 13:00-17:00 by Zoom
The design theme to be attacked by students in this class is “new reading experiences”. There are various kind of “reading” experiences including “reading academic papers expressed in logical explanations and thoughts” and “reading biographies and/or novels expressed in emotional writings. On the other hand, recently many people prefer reading in electronical medias rather than papers. Through process of Design Thinking methodology, students are being requested to re-define “reading” activities as intellectual activities of human and to generate ideas for better experience.
Under Graduate and Graduate Students
If you want to join the workshop
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