ToTAL OPEN Program "EGAKU – a workshop to foster your creativity - "


Published: July 6, 2020

This is an announcement of the subject ToTAL/OPEN program "EGAKU - a workshop to foster your creativity -" that is a part of "Fundamental Group Work for Leadership I (S)" of ToTAL course.

  • "See" art with your heart not your head. Let go of your assumptions and free your mind. "Creating" art isn't about drawing well. It's an invitation to explore different expressions and expand your mind and senses - to see more and feel more. EGAKU is an art program which unleashes and nurtures the creativity we all possess through the repeated practice of "seeing" and "creating" art. Creativity is like a muscle, it requires training and continued practice. It's an exciting and never-ending journey - a creative journey. What potential will you uncover inside yourself? Where will this journey take you? Start your journey - channel your inner child and follow your curiosity.
  • While it is important for you to enhance your creativity through this workshop, verbalization of such creativity should be one of the important purpose of this workshop. How you inform others that you feel in heart, and how you inform others of what you create in words? Verbalization should be equal to your logic capability, which should be very important function of your leadership.

"EGAKU - a workshop to foster your creativity -"


Mr. K. Yazawa/Artist

Ms. K. Hasebe/CEO, White Ship Inc.

Date & Time
August 1 (Sat) 13:00-17:00 by Zoom
Under Graduate and Graduate Students
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