Announcement from Meguro-ku: Student Support Program “Ganbare! Baito-Gakusei (Students working a part-time job, hold on!)”


Published: July 13, 2020

Meguro-ku supports students who have difficulty finding a part-time job due to the COVID-19 outbreak by providing them with employment opportunities as an assistant care provider at special nursing homes for the elderly in the ward. Check out the Meguro-ku flyer (【目黒区】学生支援プログラム「がんばれ!バイト学生」事業のご案内.pdf) and the link (both in Japanese) for details.

According to Meguro-ku, international students may also apply for the jobs but they must have conversational level Japanese skills. For specifics regarding eligibility, contact the special nursing home where you wish to work.

Update : July 13, 2020