Orientations of Career Development Courses for Newly-Enrolled Graduate Students in Sep., 2020


Published: September 2, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic makes it impossible to hold face-to-face orientations of career development courses for newly-enrolled graduate students. In the interim, you should download one of the four documents attached in the followings:

Master/Orientation Handout(Master)2020_3Q.pdf

Doctor/Orientation Handout(Doctor)2020_3Q.pdf

The IIDP will give short orientations, including how to register for career development courses, how to earn credits and graduate attributes, and so on, at the beginning of the first class of each of the following career development courses:

Master’s career design, master’s career plan, and fundamental strategy for balancing career, personality, and lifestyle (FSBCPL).

Doctoral career design, doctoral career plan, and strategy for balancing career, personality, and lifestyle (SBCPL).

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The Innovator and Inventor Development Platform (IIDP) at Tokyo Institute of Technology

Update : September 2, 2020