2020 Fall Semester Special Medical Screening for Students


Published: October 5, 2020

The special medical screening for students who engage in handling ionizing radiation, organic solvents and specified chemical substances will be held according to the schedule below. Please note that it may be cancelled again due to future social conditions.



Students required to take the screening

※Please ask the academic supervisor for eligibility

Students listed below who are/will be engaged in handling ionizing radiation (categorized under A or B of the initial education and training), organic solvents and specified chemical substances etc.

  • Bachelor’s degree students who belong to a laboratory
  • Master’s and doctoral degree students including RAs and TAs
  • Research students



  • Ookayama
October 28 Wednesday ~ November 2 Monday (Weekdays only)
9:30am~11:30am 1:30pm~5:00pm
Media Hall and Collaboration Room, West Building 9, Floor 2

  • Suzukakedai
October 12 Monday ~October 14 Wednesday
9:30am~11:30am 1:30pm~5:00pm
G4 Building, 1st floor

As a preventive measure again Covid-19, the screening will be conducted on a timed basis.

Student must take the screening within the specified time frame.

Details: /english/enrolled/health/pdf/health_check_sp_e.pdf

The class missed for taking the medical screening will be considered as an authorized absence(see below for information)


What to bring

In order to shorten the time spent at the venue, please bring the following:

Special Medical Screening Card  ※Sent to each lab via internal mail
Interview sheet about Ionizing Radiation.   ※Fill in advance if handling ionizing radiation.
Screening for Ionizing Radiation Exposure Requirement Survey.  ※Filled in advance if handling ionizing radiation.

※Updated on Oct.9 due to the correction of mistake in the article.


Authorized absence

Similar to Spring semester , if a student is unable to attend a registered class due to the Fall semester special medical screening, the absence will be officially excused. The process to request for an authorized absence will be different from the usual process and the student is required to directly inform the instructor of the course by email (student ID, name, name of the course/class, date and time must be included in the text) . The Health Support Center will issue a certificate for each student after taking the special medical screening. Please keep the certificate as the instructor may ask for submission. If the student cannot reach the instructor, please contact the Student Division.


【Special medical screening】

Ookayama Health Support Center

03-5734-2057・2065   hoken.kenshin@jim.titech.ac.jp

【Authorized absence】

Undergraduate students: Undergraduate Services Group  kyo.gak@jim.titech.ac.jp

Graduate students: Graduate Services Group  kyo.dai@jim.titech.ac.jp

Update : October 9, 2020