Hisao & Hikoko Taki Plaza Student Survey


Taki Plaza is being built as the center of international exchange as well as a gathering place for the student services available from the Institute. It is not well known, Taki Plaza will feature amenities and facilities such as: an event space, workshop space, kitchen area, movable tatami seating, and a piano on B2; a “global” lounge where one can stay informed on international news on B1; a café on 1F; and horigotatsu (a low table over a recessed floor) as well as a creative space with sofas, tables, and chairs for exchanging ideas and constructing various prototypes on 2F. As Taki Plaza will become the center of student activities, with cooperation from circles, clubs, and student organizations, we ask that you complete the following questionnaire. Your cooperation is gratefully appreciated.

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Update : October 28, 2020