"Participatory Methods for Co-design Approach" Workshop


Design is a powerful tool for improving the life of people and communities. Recently, professionals who design and make products/services have started to design not only for people but also with people, with what is called "a co-design approach". This workshop aims at sharing the most recent knowledge on participatory methods for co-design approach, especially when designing with "Base-of-the-Pyramid" communities (BoP) in developing countries. It consists in talks and hands-on activities based on practical field experiences with communities in East Timor, India, Indonesia, Philippines, among others. We wish you a fruitful and enjoyable workshop !

Date and Time
October 31, 2013 (Thursday) 10:00 - 17:00
Ishikawadai area, building #3, room #304, O-okayama campus

Contact information
Assoc. Prof. Céline Mougenot,
Department of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering,
Tokyo Institute of Technology
E-mail :

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Update : May 16, 2021