'Tokyo Tech's Pottery Camp' Exhibition


The Tokyo Tech Museum and Archives ran the Tokyo Tech Pottery Camp for approximately six months from November 2013 through April 2014 under the joint sponsorship of the Department of Inorganic Materials in the School of Engineering and the Tokyo Tech High School of Science and Technology. This educational program was organized with the aim of offering students who are studying the basics of science and technology the opportunity to acquire a fresh perspective on the manufacturing processes of pottery through firsthand experience.

Pottery and Tokyo Tech have had a long and close relationship since Tokyo Tech's foundation. The Pottery Camp was an experimental program in which students could take part in a series of manufacturing processes with others while learning theories, creating pieces of art, firing them in a climbing kiln, and giving presentations. None of the participants had any prior potting experience before the camp; all embraced the manufacturing challenges they encountered. The venue for the program was Mashiko Town where Tokyo Tech alumni and living national treasures, Shoji Hamada and Tatsuzo Shimaoka, resided and potted.

The students' pottery and details about the program will be displayed at the Tokyo Tech's Pottery Camp exhibition. We look forward to your visit.

May 25 through June 30 2014 (Closed on Saturday, Sunday, and National Holiday)
Ookayama Campus, Exhibition room on the 2nd floor, Museum and Centennial Hall

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Tokyo Tech's Pottery Camp

Update : May 17, 2022