Shamo robocon! Fighting robot roosters


In the town of Kawamata, Fukushima, children make rooster-like robots for a robot contest, Shamo robocon. Shamo is a special kind of rooster and a local specialty in Kawamata. Shamo in Chinese characters literally means fighting roosters. The contest is held as the main event of Kawamata's annual local festival called Kawamata Shamo Matsuri.

Tokyo Tech students have held Shamo robocon in cooperation with the Kawamata Town Office since 2013, and have put great effort into making this year's event more exciting than last year's for the greater enjoyment of the people of Kawamata.

Participants of the Shamo robocon are limited to elementary school children but anyone is welcome to attend and watch the event. Please come and support the participating children. At the festival, you can also enjoy delicious shamo dishes. Don't miss this special occasion.

Shamo robocon will be held on August 30 and 31. On the first day, participants will make the shamo robots, and on the second day, the shamo robot contest will be held.

Shamo robocon!

August 30 and 31, 2014
Town hall in Kawamata town, Fukushima

1st Syamorobo-con!

Shamo robocon! staff
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Update : August 22, 2014