GHRD Symposium 2014 "Emerging India and Japan" - Issues on the Science and Engineering Education -


Work opportunities for human resources with advanced levels of science and engineering knowledge are now expanding over not only the advanced countries but also the emerging countries across various fields. Needs for globally competitive professionals in Japan are also increasing. During this Symposium, selected development issues relating to Emerging India will be taken for discussion. Based on the experience of the selected speakers from both Japan and India, the current situation of education in the universities, "India Strategy" of Japanese companies, and strategies of science and engineering in India will be introduced by the Indian and Japanese speakers who have received cross-border experience in the other country. Prospects for the two nations in the fields of science and engineering also will be discussed during the symposium. It is expected that this symposium will highlight some useful messages relating to the carrier development of both the students and the professionals.

Summary of the event

Day and Time
Tuesday, December 9, 2014 16:50-19:25
70th Anniversary Auditorium, Tokyo-Tech at Ookayama Campus (Ookayama Station, Tokyu Meguro Line / Oimachi Line)

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Expected Participants
Students from Tokyo-Tech and other universities, high school students, scientists and engineers, general public
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Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo-Tech) Global Human Resource Development

Japan and Emerging India - Issues on the Science and Engineering Education


MC by Ananda Kumara PhD, Professor, Global Scientists and Engineers Course, Tokyo-Tech

Keynote Speech 1: Issues on the Globalization, Competitiveness of Human Resources and, Emerging India
Yoshinao Mishima
Yoshinao Mishima PhD President, Tokyo-Tech
Keynote Speech 2: Emerging India - Current trends in Research and Education in Science and Technology
Chadaram Sivaji PhD
Chadaram Sivaji PhD
Counselor (In charge of Science and Education), Embassy of India at Tokyo
Higher Education in India - Undergraduate life at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) -
Abrahim Anand Railkar
Maifuz Ali PhD
Abrahim Anand Railkar
M.Eng Program 2nd Year Student, Dept. of Mechanical and Control Engineering, Tokyo-Tech
Maifuz Ali PhD
Post-Doctoral Researcher, Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Tokyo-Tech
Working as a Foreign Professional in Japan - The Experience of an Indian Scientist -
Lekh Raj Juneja PhD
Lekh Raj Juneja PhD
Deputy President, Rohto Pharmaceutical Co Ltd
Discussion Session 1
Internship in India - Searching for the Possibilities over 3-Months -
Shunsuke Takahashi
Shunsuke Takahashi
D. Eng. Program 1st Year Student, Department of Material Science, Tokyo-Tech
India Strategy of a Japanese Enterprise - On Supplying Safe Water -
Yasuhiro Hashimoto PhD
Yasuhiro Hashimoto PhD
Panasonic Co. Ltd
Discussion Session 2
Southern Indian classical dance "Bharatanatyam"
Yukiko Hori
Miwa Kishi
Yukiko Hori, Miwa Kishi
Closing Address
Toshio Maruyama PhD
Toshio Maruyama PhD
Vice President, Tokyo-Tech
Japan and Emerging India - Issues on the Science and Engineering Education

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