ToTAL OPEN Talk and Discussion "Are LGBT people "normal" now? – Let's talk about everyday sexism"


While this program is offered as a part of "Fundamental Group Work F (TAL.W501)" to ToTAL students, it is being offered to non-ToTAL students as well as a ToTAL/OPEN program.

Currently, there are various issues related to the rights of women and the rights of sexual minorities. For example, "same-sex marriage" is straight to function as a measure for "progressive value" in a country's respective social and political climate. However, although it is inevitable for minorities not to garner public and social acceptance from the mainstream society to obtain rights, not all queer communities - normally never homogeneous groups - celebrated with open arms regarding queer people entering the marriage institution.

In this class, we first share basic knowledge about the latter topics. Afterwards, we follow up with an understanding of what is queer theory. Then we'll have critical discussions towards the institution of marriage, a deconstructive understanding of the "#Love Wins" narrative, and discuss how non-normative bodies, sexual relations, and racial hierarchy, etc. are constructed through these movements.

2 hour session, this time, is going to be casual type of session including presentation to be made by Mr. Matsuda from Hitotsubashi University and discussion between attendants, which is not lecture style and not workshop style. Mr. Matsuda, is a guest speaker to present a topic about sexism for further discussion.

Date and time
Wednesday, February 5, 2020 18:00 - 21:00
Students eligible to apply
  • ToTAL students
  • Non ToTAL students, Tokyo Tech (both graduates and undergraduates)
  • Non Tokyo Tech students (both graduates and undergraduates)
  • Note:In case of over subscription, selection will be made since this is a part of official lecture of ToTAL and there is a limit of seats.
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