[Cancelled]ToTAL OPEN Program "Lean Launchpad program; Fostering your leadership and entrepreneurship"


At Tokyo Institute of Technology, due to concern about the spread of novel coronavirus, we are canceling the event.

Since the end of January, the Institute has been taking measures against the spread of coronavirus. Faculty, staff, and students returning to Japan from or via Mainland China (including Hong Kong and Macau; the same will apply hereafter) must stay home for two weeks whether they have coronavirus symptoms or not. However, the domestic infection route has not been clearly identified. As we are expecting many people to attend this event from within and outside the campus, and for the safety of all participants concerned, we have decided to cancel the event.

Update : March 6, 2020

We are pleased to inform you that we have started accepting applications for the Lean Launchpad Program to be held in April - June 2020.

About the Lean Launchpad Program

Lean Launchpad Program was originated by Steve Blank, a serial entrepreneur in Silicon Valley/US, and is widely accepted in US Universities including Stanford University as the program to foster entrepreneurs and leaders. Tokyo Tech started this program since 2013 and adopted it as one of the contents of ToTAL courses of "Practical Group Work for Leadership" and "Advanced Group Work for Leadership"

This program is suitable for people who:

want to understand the core of "leadership" regardless of business/research field
want to start a business
have already started a business and want to expand it (want utilize this program as startup acceleration program)
want to utilize this program for job hunting
  • This program is a 2-month program (starting from the middle of April until the end of June) that consists of 6 classes held almost every 2 weeks, made for participants to study and practice on how they could increase probability of materializing business ideas which deliver new values to society.
  • 2 venture capitalists, who have lots of experiences in incubating and investing in startups, will support you throughout the program.
  • Applicants make a 5-minutes presentation on their business theme at the pitch on Tuesday, March 17 for selection.
Date and time
Tuesday, March 17, 2020, 18:00 - 19:00
Under Graduate and Graduate Students
How to apply
If you want to join the program, please download the Application form from ToTAL's HP and send it to Prof. Yamada/ToTAL after filling out the application form.
Due for Application
Tuesday, March 10, 2020
Mail To (Inquires):
Prof. Yamada/Tokyo Tech Academy for Leadership (ToTAL)

Business idea pitch for "Lean Launchpad program; Fostering your leadership and entrepreneurship" to be held in 2020 1Q2Q Flyer


Prof. Yamada
Tokyo Tech Academy for Leadership (ToTAL)

Tel +81-3-5734-3755

This article has been updated to add a notice of cancellation on March 6.
This article has been updated to include information about the new coronavirus on February 28.

Update : March 13, 2020