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Since June of this year, the School of Engineering of Tokyo Tech has been holding the ExS Challenge as an idea contest for solving the problems related to SDGs. The LAUNCH event, which is the culmination of the contest, will be held on the afternoon of December 11. At the event, five groups who won the contests such as PITCH and STORM will make the final presentations. How about seeing the problem-solving approach and its business model that the young brains of the students have come up with? This event is widely open to both inside and outside of Tokyo Tech, including students' families and graduates of the School of Engineering, gradates of the School of Engineering, and those who work for companies that have industry-academia collaboration with Tokyo Tech. We are waiting for your register.

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Date and time

Saturday, December 11, 2021, 1:00 p.m. -


Online with Zoom Webinar


Please register from the following site.

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ExS Challenge LAUNCH Event - Dont miss to register to this exciting event.

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