Call for applications: Tohoku Co-learning Camp 2023

Application deadline: December 8, 2023


Published: September 25, 2023

In this course, international students and Tokyo Tech local students will visit together the Tohoku region and learn its local history, characteristics and culture so that they can multiculturally think and discuss what the society would expect to science and technology fields in future. During the agricultural experiences of Kakuda city (pref. Miyagi), the students will understand more diverse aspects of Japanese society when they get to know some traditional styles of farming in the rural communities, which are different from those around the metropolitan area. The students will also visit the areas and facilities affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011 and observe several research projects of engineering for reconstruction related to natural disaster, disaster prevention along with energy issues.

Program period

February 27-March 1, 2024


B2, B3, B4, M1, or M2 Tokyo Tech students


Maximum 16 in total

Program outline

-Guidance and Group Work (Feb.21)
-Welcome Party at Kakuda city (Feb.27)
-Agricultural activities at Kakuda city (Feb.28)
*Homestay at local families's house for 2 nights
-Visit to areas and facilities related to the the Great East Japan Earthquake at Fukushima pref.(Feb.29 - Mar.1)
*Stay at Hotel for a night
-Come back to Ookayama in the evening (Mar.1)


English, Japanese


1 credit
*LAW.X364 Tohoku Co-learning Camp
*LAW.X441 Tohoku Co-learning Camp (Leadership Course) for M1 or M2

How to apply

Application Deadline

December 8, 2023
※Online Application will be closed when the number of applicants is reached.


Interviews will be conducted with applicants as needed and final results will be notified by December 27, 2023. After that, please take the course by "add courses" through the portal site.


All the students are required to join the insurance recommended by the institute.


Student Exchange Group 3, International Student Exchange Division