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Tokyo Tech-AYSEAS 2013 Debriefing Session


Published: October 30, 2013

On Friday, October 25, a debriefing session for the Tokyo-Tech AYSEAS 2013 was held. Sixteen Tokyo Tech students visited Thailand in September on Tokyo-Tech AYSEAS 2013 and gave presentations at the session in English on their experiences, information gained and achievements during the trip.

Each year in Tokyo Tech-AYSEAS, Tokyo Tech students travel to a Southeast Asian country and visit local companies and government agencies together with students from Tokyo Tech's partner universities in Southeast Asia. The Tokyo Tech-AYSEAS partner universities are among the top universities of science and technology in Southeast Asia. During their trip, students form groups to discuss the information gained from the local visits as well as the themes and topics provided for their reflection by Tokyo Tech professors. Based on their discussions, students choose a subject, and give a final group presentation on the last day of the program.

Upon their return to Tokyo, students have the opportunity to revise the presentations which they gave on the last day of the program in the host country. The resulting presentations, which are given at the debriefing session, incorporate new considerations and significant refinements.

Tokyo Tech students markedly improved their English skills through the discussions with students from other countries on the trip. They proudly made their final presentations and actively asked questions about the presentations made by others. The students also demonstrated personal grew as a result of participation in this program.

After the presentations at the debriefing session, Toshio Maruyama, Executive Vice President for Education and International Affairs, gave a certificate to all students who participated in Tokyo-Tech AYSEAS 2013.

The debriefing session was followed by a party. Mr. Humio Honbo, Executive Director of the Tokyo Tech Alumni Association, and Ms. Kumi Mishima from the Development Planning and Coordination Department at Bridgestone, who assisted with the preliminary research at the Bridgestone Tokyo Plant before leaving for Thailand, honored us by joining the party. All enjoyed the friendly atmosphere, sharing experiences and fun memories of Tokyo Tech-AYSEAS 2013.