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President of Tongji University visits Tokyo Tech


Published: January 15, 2016

President of Tongji University visits Tokyo Tech

President Yoshinao Mishima welcomed President Gang Pei and his delegation from Tongji University to the Tokyo Tech campus on December 2. Accompanying Pei were Professor Yu Huang, vice dean of the Graduate School, Professor Hongwei Tan, executive director of the Research Center of Green Building and New Energy, and Ms. Xiaojie Huang of the university's International Exchange and Cooperation Office. Executive Vice President for Education and International Affairs Toshio Maruyama also attended the meeting.

Tokyo Tech and Tongji University concluded a university-wide cooperation agreement in 2007. The visit was intended to promote further collaborations and to increase student exchanges.

As this was Pei's first visit to Tokyo Tech, Mishima shared an overview of the Institute, describing the education reforms and outlining internationalization activities implemented under the MEXT-sponsored Top Global University Project. Pei remarked that the Chinese government is promoting the internationalization of its universities through similar activities. The university presidents exchanged ideas regarding online education and academia-industry collaborations in China and Japan. As the meeting concluded, Pei introduced Tongji University's new summer program for 2016, which will be organized around the theme of "Urban and Regional Development in Asia Today," and encouraged Tokyo Tech to send its students.

President Mishima, Executive Vice President Maruyama
President Pei at the meeting

(From left) President Mishima, Executive Vice President Maruyama, and President Pei at the meeting

Established in 1907, Tongji University, formerly Tongji German Medical School, is a research-oriented comprehensive university offering nine major disciplines: the sciences, engineering, medicine, humanities, law, philosophy, economics, management, and education. Known for its highly-regarded civil engineering and architecture programs, Tongji University is also a base for the development of China's maglev rail system.

The Design Course at Tokyo Tech's Department of Architecture and Building Engineering has included weeklong architectural design studio workshops in collaboration with Tongji University's College of Architecture and Urban Planning since 1995.

In a separate collaboration underway since 2014, the engineering research labs affiliated with the same department at Tokyo Tech and Tongji University's College of Civil Engineering have organized joint summer workshops for students and faculty to exchange presentations on their research. Held in alternate years in Tokyo and Shanghai, the workshops have encouraged active exchanges between participants from the two universities.