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Tokyo Tech rows to victory in 60th Five Universities' Regatta


Published: June 19, 2017

Tokyo Tech's Rowing Club kicked off the 2017 season successfully at the 60th Five Universities' Regatta held on April 29 at the Toda Boat Course in Saitama Prefecture. The Institute's rowers won the men's eight and men's coxed four categories, and came in second in the men's single and double sculls.

The star-studded men's eight team stole the show, bringing home the cup for the first time in three years while denying Tokyo University of Foreign Studies their third successive win.

The Tokyo Tech team recently received a new boat — The Swallow — donated by alumni, and the team expressed their gratitude with a victory and a new competition record.

Tokyo Tech's Rowing Club
Tokyo Tech's Rowing Club

Men's eight

Men's eight teamMen's eight team

In this category, eight rowers propel the boat with sweep oars while one cox steers. Each rower holds one oar with both hands.

Winning Tokyo Tech team:

  • Kento Fujii, 4th year, Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Hiroyasu Miura, 4th year, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Shunsuke Baba, 4th year, Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • Haruya Inago, 4th year, Bioscience
  • Jun Hattori, 4th year, Biotechnology
  • Shota Takahashi, 4th year, Information Science
  • Shotaro Ogawa, 3rd year, Chemical Engineering
  • Kiyoharu Hasegawa, 3rd year, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Tomohiro Funaoka, 3rd year, Earth and Planetary Sciences

Comments from Kento Fujii, Men's eight leader

I am extremely happy that, thanks to the huge support from everyone, we not only won the men's eight but also set a new competition record. This will motivate the whole club to aim for first place in the Intercollegiate Rowing Championships.

Men's coxed four

Men's coxed fourMen's coxed four

In this category, four rowers propel the boat with sweep oars, one oar per rower, while one cox steers the boat.

Winning Tokyo Tech team:

  • Ken Sakamoto, 4th year, Information Science
  • Fumiya Ikeda, 4th year, Biotechnology
  • Yukinobu Nakajima, 3rd year, Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Shotaro Murata, 2nd year, Computer Science
  • Koki Hattori, 2nd year, Mechanical Engineering

Comments from Ken Sakamoto, Men's coxed four leader

We won the Five Universities' Regatta!!! A huge shout-out to the whole crew and all those who supported us. We will only get faster, so don't miss our next race!

Men's double scull

Men's double scullMen's double scull

  • Masahiko Kamoshita, 2nd year, Chemical Engineering
  • Tukasa Kubo, 2nd year, Industrial Engineering and Economics

Comments from Masahiko Kamoshita, Men's double scull leader

The double scull and my first 2,000-meter race was a very good experience. I will continue to work on my technique and physique so we can aim for victory in the future.

Men's single scull

Men's single scullMen's single scull

  • Hiroki Masuda, 2nd year, Systems and Control Engineering

Comments from Hiroki Masuda, Men's single scull

I came in second place this year, but am determined to work harder to ensure that I win my category next year.

Congratulatory meeting with President Mishima
Congratulatory meeting with President Mishima


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