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Tokyo Tech's traP win Crisis Management Contest


June 14, 2018

Four members of traP, Tokyo Tech's Digital Creators Club, have won the 13th Crisis Management Contest, held in Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture from May 24 to 26. The quartet was recognized with the Economy, Trade and Industry Minister's 1st Place Award for their efforts.

Winning team members (from left): Takayama, Kishimoto, Sawada, Ohashi

Winning team members (from left): Takayama, Kishimoto, Sawada, Ohashi

Focused during the finals
Focused during the finals

During the Crisis Management Contest, contestants are asked to assume the role of client company server administrators who need to find rapid, appropriate solutions to various incidents that occur during the contest. These include webpage, network, and other service anomalies, and complaint calls from outside the company, which the participants have to respond to by using a variety of technical skills. These responses are evaluated comprehensively before a winner is chosen.

This year, a record 35 teams participated in the contest. After preliminary rounds in April and May, teams from five universities made it to the finals in southern Japan. The four students representing Tokyo Tech, all members of student club traP, took home the victory under the guidance of Associate Professor Takashi Ishida from the School of Computing.

Group photo

traP team members

  • Kazuki Sawada, 4th year, Computer Science
  • Takashi Kishimoto, 3rd year, Computer Science
  • Koya Ohashi, 3rd year, Information and Communications Engineering
  • Shu Takayama, 2nd year, Mathematical and Computing Science

What is traP?

traP, which recently became an official Tokyo Tech Student Club, began its activities in April 2015. The club focuses on various activities including game programming, digital and audio content creation, 2D illustrations and 3D modeling, pixel graphics, and cybersecurity capture the flag competitions. traP shares its knowledge through various public engagement activities, including programming classes for middle and high school students.