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First Tokyo Tech Global Webinar held


Published: June 28, 2021

On May 20, Tokyo Tech hosted a Tokyo Tech Global Webinar on the theme "International Cooperation in Science and Technology Higher Education." The event featured talks by Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC) Director General Romny Om and Tokyo Tech Vice President for International Affairs Jun-ichi Takada. More than 100 persons from Japan and overseas, including Cambodia, joined the webinar.

After an opening message from Tokyo Tech Executive Vice President for Education Tetsuya Mizumoto, Takada spoke briefly on the history of the Institute's international cooperation activities, including those in Southeast Asia, and reflected on the benefits of such cooperation for faculty members as well as for the university. Next, Om introduced ITC and spoke of his institution’s experience collaborating with international partners.

Following the presentations, the online audience engaged the speakers in a lively question and answer session. Attendees asked the speakers about the key factors for successful international collaboration and for selection of projects.

(left) ITC Director General Om; (right) Tokyo Tech Vice President Takada

(left) ITC Director General Om; (right) Tokyo Tech Vice President Takada

Valuing international exchange and cooperation among education and research institutions, Tokyo Tech is holding online symposia and webinars to promote ongoing communication and exchange with partner institutions in Japan and abroad. Collectively referred to as Tokyo Tech Global Webinars, these events highlight research and initiatives related to science and technology and international engagement, while exploring possibilities for education and research in the post COVID-19 era.


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