Collaborations with Other Universities

Tokyo Tech has established academic cooperation agreements with universities and research institutions around the globe. As of May 1, 2022, the Institute has 109 institutional-level agreements with partners in 30 countries and regions, and 130 school-level agreements with partners in 40 countries and regions. The Institute is promoting a broad range of cooperation with our partner universities among undergraduate students, master's students, doctoral students, researchers, and faculty members to collaborate in the areas of researcher exchange, student exchange and academic information exchange. For example, Tokyo Tech has tuition waiver agreements with various universities, allowing students to study at the partner university for up to one year.

Two significant programs that host exchange students at Tokyo Tech are the Academic Cooperation Agreement Program(ACAP)and the Young Scientist Exchange Program(YSEP). Many global talents are taking advantage of these opportunities to learn on Tokyo Tech's campuses. Tokyo Tech students wishing to study abroad apply for an international exchange program and, if selected after a careful selection process, are sent to partner universities to represent the Institute.

A dual master's degree program, the first of its kind in Japan, was launched in 2004 at Tokyo Tech. The Tokyo Tech-Tsinghua University joint graduate program, an advanced international collaboration model, is producing talents well-versed in both Japan and China. Students who completed the program are now playing active roles in top companies in Japan, China, and elsewhere, or are working on the front lines of research in the world's best universities and research institutions. In order to develop talents who have broad visions and play important roles as global leaders, collaboration with overseas universities is essential. Tokyo Tech will continue to work with universities worldwide to enhance attractive education programs for global talents coming to Tokyo Tech and encourage students of Tokyo Tech to study abroad.


General Affairs Group, International Engagement Division, Planning and International Affairs Department