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A hub for global talent

Tokyo Tech strives to be a hub where international students from across the globe gather.

Tokyo Tech has made many discoveries during its 130 years of rich history. As international partnerships grows not only in science and technology, but across all fields, friendly competition and learning alongside people from all corners of the globe is essential for further innovation.

Tokyo Tech has much to offer to international students, including a wide variety of research fields where solutions to global issues are sought, faculty members actively involved in international work, cutting-edge research equipment, and a long history of supporting technical innovation. The Institute is also taking steps towards further internationalizing its campuses to improve conditions for overseas researchers. As part of these efforts, Tokyo Tech is implementing credit transfer systems, expanding study abroad programs, increasing English-language classes, and improving residential conditions.

With campuses set in cosmopolitan Tokyo, life as an international student at Tokyo Tech is exciting - students are able to experience Japanese culture first hand while being immersed in cutting-edge research. Join us here at Tokyo Tech!

Support for international students

  • Programs for Prospective International Students Programs for Prospective International Students
    As a host to many international students, Tokyo Tech has a variety of systems and programs in place to support international students in their studies. You will undoubtedly find the program just right for you!
  • Scholarships for International Students Scholarships for International Students
    Many international students studying at Tokyo Tech enjoy support provided by a variety of grants, including government and privately-funded scholarships. Find one you are eligible for and apply for financial support.
  • International Student Support System International Student Support System
    Tokyo Tech provides assistance to international students both prior to and at the time of arrival in Japan. Support continues after enrollment in all areas of life through a peer-support system and the care provided by academic advisors and other staff members.


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