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Project Principles Project Principles

Enhancing Tokyo Tech education and research quality

Tokyo Tech has more than 140 years of tradition in technical innovation and industrial cooperation, the driving force behind Japan's development. The Institute has produced outstanding leaders and excellent research results in the field of science and technology, so much so that an adage arose during the years Tokyo Tech was located in Kuramae in Taito City. "Wherever there's a chimney, there you will find someone from Kuramae," meaning that wherever there was a large-scale industrial complex, a graduate had been involved in its establishment.

Under the leadership of the president, faculty members and administrative and technical staff are united in enhancing the Institute's quality, Tokyo Tech Quality, which is the result of long-standing hands-on education based on advanced research. Tokyo Tech aims to become a global hub of knowledge and talent in science and technology and share Tokyo Tech Quality with the world.


Necessary Measures Necessary Measures

Implementation of world-class education and research systems

  • Education

    • Advancing education reform
    • Academic tuning for easier credit transfer
    • International dissemination of education information
    • Acquisition of international accreditations
    • Implementation of a Unit Dispatch System
  • Research

    • Forming a research hub consisting of the world's most advanced research institutes
    • Providing graduate education at the world's most advanced research hub
    • Promoting international collaborative research
    • Encouraging joint research papers
    • Implementing exchange programs for researchers in doctoral degree programs

Alongside this progress being made towards the internationalization of Tokyo Tech, the selection as part of the Top Global Universities Project funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology is confirmation of the direction Tokyo Tech is heading in. As the Institute receives support through this project, Tokyo Tech is continuing to speed up efforts towards internationalization.


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Tokyo Tech has been chosen as a Class A recipient of support through the Top Global Universities Project funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. This project aims to strengthen the international competitiveness of higher education in Japan. The project does so by providing financial assistance where it is most needed in the internationalization of top universities involved in world-class education and research across Japan.


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