Research at Tokyo Tech

Collaborative knowledge opens doors to the future

Furthering efforts towards partnerships with researchers across the globe

As economic society continues to globalize and interdependence increases, issues are arising that must be dealt with on a global scale, such as those of the environment, energy, food and water, an aging society, and medical and nursing care. In order to solve these problems, strengthening working relationships with overseas universities and research institutions is important.

For this reason, Tokyo Tech continues to work towards the development of stronger partnerships with universities and research institutions across the globe through both the sending and receiving of researchers internationally. In 2012 Tokyo Tech founded both the Earth-Life Science Institute(ELSI), an open and international facility where researchers gather from across the globe, and the Materials Research Center for Element Strategy(MCES), taking another important step in its efforts to create an internationally competitive research environment.

Furthermore, Tokyo Tech has implemented a support program for the promotion of joint international research through the "Promotion of University Research Program" funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. The Institute also provides researchers with assistance before arriving and throughout their stay in Japan, and is taking significant steps towards the development of an English-language research and work environment.

Information for International Researchers

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