Tokyo Tech Students Studying Abroad

Tokyo Tech students: hone your talent abroad

Tokyo Tech's strong desire

Imagine yourself traveling overseas, experiencing different cultures and aspects of humanity, and playing an active role in global society. Do you think your understanding of and approach to research would change? International partnerships are increasing across many fields of study including science and technology. Learning, competing, and working in cooperation with people from across the globe is essential if one wants to make a significant contribution to society. For Tokyo Tech students, too, studying abroad is becoming an invaluable asset.

Tokyo Tech is currently taking steps to enhance study abroad programs and support systems that create a comfortable environment for students spending time overseas. The Institute is pressing ahead with education reform that will make it easier for students to connect internationally. Students, please start by studying language to enhance your cultural understanding and increase your personal exchanges. Language acquisition is the key to connecting with other talents on the global stage.

Tokyo Tech students all possess great potential. Your experience studying abroad will unleash that potential and help you make greater contributions to society.

Support for studying abroad

  • Study Abroad Programs Study Abroad Programs
    You can choose a program that suits your needs: a short-term program allowing you to experience study abroad for a week, a long-term program for a year or longer, or an exchange program with one of our partner universities.
  • Scholarships Scholarships
    There are various scholarships available for students who wish to study abroad. Depending on the type of scholarship, you may need to apply through the Institute, so we recommend you invest some time and get to know your options.
  • Study Abroad Events Study Abroad Events
    Tokyo Tech frequently hosts study abroad orientation events run by embassies and overseas universities, and events where past study abroad students share their experiences. Also, many students participate in the Study Abroad Fair that is held every spring.

Further details regarding study abroad can be viewed here.