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Twenty-two Student Ambassadors from sixteen countries and regions appointed for academic year 2023

Reaching out to prospective international students


Published: September 14, 2023

Tokyo Tech's Admissions Section launched the Tokyo Tech Student Ambassadors initiative in 2020. As representatives of Tokyo Tech, Student Ambassadors share their experiences and impressions of campus life, studies, and research at the Institute by communicating with prospective international students and other readers through the Ambassadors' Blog. These current students also participate in Tokyo Tech's study abroad fairs, and contribute to other admissions and public relations activities while fostering stronger bonds between international students.

Twenty-two Student Ambassadors from sixteen countries and regions appointed for academic year 2023

For academic year 2023, 22 Tokyo Tech students from 16 countries and regions were appointed as Student Ambassadors. The ambassadors' activities commenced at a kick-off ceremony held on June 8, where participants enjoyed getting to know each other as they discussed their activities for the upcoming academic year.

This year marks the fourth anniversary of the Student Ambassadors initiative. As both the diversity of the ambassadors and the scope of their activities continue to expand, 14 of Tokyo Tech's newest Student Ambassadors share their thoughts below.

Tokyo Tech’s 14 new Student Ambassadors

Mariam – United Arab Emirates

Mariam — United Arab Emirates
2nd-year master's student, Environment and Society

I graduated with a bachelor's degree in English literature, yet I found my lost dream in my current School. Since a young age, I have been an environmentalist by taking part in school camps, seminars, and more to support this cause. Moving here and starting a new life was such an exciting yet uphill adventure for me. The fact that I knew no one and barely understood any Japanese overwhelmed my heart. Despite this, I overcame this challenge and succeeded in integrating into this new society!

Vinayak – India

Vinayak — India
2nd-year doctoral student, Environment and Society

I hail from a UNESCO heritage city, Jaipur in India, and I am currently a doctoral student on Suzukakedai Campus. Life, as a journey, is meant to be enjoyed in its imperfections, not aimed at making it perfect. If you are on Suzukakedai Campus, or even if you just want to talk to someone, don't be afraid to send me a message. Join me as we explore this lovely university and an even more lovely thing called life, together. I look forward to making small yet beautiful changes in people's lives. Let’s make memories!

Ayoob – India

Ayoob — India
2nd year, Environment and Society

I'm from the southern city of Tirunelveli, India. I did most of my schooling in Saudi Arabia, with my first and last two years of it being in India. In my free time, I like to try out bakeries and cafes nearby, but during longer holidays I try going around different prefectures. Life here has been a unique experience, with lots of challenges like the language and food.

Sadeer – Jordan

Sadeer — Jordan
2nd-year master's student, Environment and Society

I came all the way from Amman, Jordan, a beautiful mountainous country in the Middle East. I'm a second-year master's MEXT scholarship student. I studied Electronic Engineering during my bachelor's and gained a minor in Business Management from the USA in 2017. Prior to coming to Japan, I worked in the fields of consulting and entrepreneurship, and these experiences nurtured my passion for research and sustainable development. Let's inspire each other to make a positive impact on the world.

Kies – Liberia

Kies — Liberia
1st-year master's student, Environment and Society

My passion for learning and desire to impact the world has led me to pursue a master's degree at Tokyo Tech. My enrollment here has enhanced my leadership and teamwork skills, and enabled me to establish meaningful connections with people from diverse backgrounds. My number one driving force is living an exemplified life that can inspire people to discover and develop their potential, hence living purposefully. I believe in quality education for all and strongly support and promote four Sustainable Development Goals.

K – Thailand

K — Thailand
1st-year master's student, Environment and Society

I was awarded a MEXT scholarship and came to Tokyo Tech in 2022. My research focuses on investigating the causes of cracking and fractures in buildings and bridges resulting from traffic loads and earthquake loads. My interest in civil engineering began during my undergraduate studies at Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology in Thailand. Besides my academic pursuits, I enjoy playing golf and badminton, as well as exploring Tokyo's cafes.

Apy – Indonesia

Apy — Indonesia
1st-year master's student, Engineering

During my bachelor's studies, I majored in chemical engineering but made a significant shift to working in the e-commerce industry until I decided to pursue my master’s degree at Tokyo Tech in the fall of 2022, with a scholarship from the Indonesian Endowment Fund for Education (LPDP). Since high school, I have always manifested studying abroad and Japan became my top-of-mind destination. Living here as an international student was such a fresh yet exciting journey for me, and I would love to share my experience with all of you.

Alex – United States of America

Alex — United States of America
1st-year doctoral student, Life Science and Technology

Prior to coming to Tokyo Tech, I worked at two major pharmaceutical companies, doing R&D in early therapeutic development. I want to continue to create medicine for patients that need them in the future. This is my third time studying in Japan, having enjoyed two study-abroad experiences here years ago. I have made so many memories and friends during my time here and have come to consider it as my second home.

Jenna – United Kingdom

Jenna — United Kingdom
2nd-year master's student, Life Science and Technology

I completed my undergraduate degree in biology at the University of Leeds and did an exchange year at Osaka University. As a result of my exchange year, I knew I wanted to study in Japan, gain valuable research experience from a Japanese laboratory, and work with people from different cultures. I am currently researching antifungal resistance. I also like to travel and explore different areas of Tokyo.

Eden – Haiti

Eden — Haiti
1st-year master's student, Environment and Society

I am originally from Haiti, a beautiful Caribbean island. After completing my bachelor's degree in civil engineering in Haiti and working for three years, I decided to take my studies to the next level and pursue advanced studies abroad. In 2022, I received the MEXT Scholarship and came to Tokyo Tech. My research focus is on scenarios of energy generation and waste management in Haiti. I am excited to meet new people and broaden my cultural horizons.

Kai – Vietnam

Kai — Vietnam
4th year, Environment and Society

I was born in Hue, a coastal city, which is annually targeted by tropical storms and other natural disasters coming from the sea. This fuels my determination to broaden my understanding about the storms. My current research topic relates to meteorological phenomena, but I also take a keen interest in computer science as my background and computer vision as a recent activity. It turned out that coming to Japan was one of the best decisions of my life!

Pear – Thailand

Pear — Thailand
1st-year doctoral student, Environment and Society

I was born in Melbourne, Australia, but grew up in Thailand in a mixed traditional culture of Thai and Chinese. After graduating from architecture school, I got the MEXT scholarship and came to study at Tokyo Tech in the winter 2020. I've proceeded directly to a doctoral course after completing a master's. My research theme is about using plastic waste in concrete for an improved and sustainable environment and society.

Kaka – Indonesia

Kaka — Indonesia
2nd year, Environment and Society

University life here is exciting as Tokyo Tech has provided me with many facilities and opportunities from courses to student events that have helped me grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally as a person. Aside from school, Japan is full of beautiful places and experiences. So far, my time in Japan and at Tokyo Tech has been challenging, exciting, and eye-opening, and I am eager to share all of these experiences with you!

Wu - China

Wu — China
1st-year doctoral student, Environment and Society

I came to Tokyo Tech to pursue my doctoral degree in June 2022. Prior to that, I studied at the University of Fukui as an exchange master's student. I enjoy the student life in Japan, where I have not only gained a lot of professional knowledge and practiced my Japanese and English, but also experienced the landscape and culture. Now, I am aiming to learn and utilize AI technology to make the fields of architecture and civil engineering more efficient!


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