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Fall 2023 orientation session for new master's and doctoral students held


Published: November 17, 2023

The Student Life Coach Consultation Office and Career Support Services, both part of the Student Success Support Section at Tokyo Tech's Student Support Center, jointly hosted online orientation sessions for the Institute's newest master's and doctoral students on September 20 and 23. A total of four sessions — one in English and one in Japanese on both days — were held. Students from 19 countries and regions joined the sessions, with 100 participants joining the English orientations and 131 students tuning in during the Japanese sessions. Of the 443 new students who began graduate-level studies at Tokyo Tech in the fall of 2023, 316 came from overseas.

Staff and students who organized and presented at orientation sessions

Staff and students who organized and presented at orientation sessions

President Kazuya Masu kicked off each session with a congratulatory message to welcome all new students to the Tokyo Tech community. "Be sure to take on new challenges, no matter how small they might appear," Masu encouraged the students.

The president's message was followed by a comprehensive explanation of common curricula and course structures by Tokyo Tech's student life coaches. In addition to speaking about graduate-level programs and courses, these speakers also touched on study abroad opportunities, financial aid, and the various support offices at Tokyo Tech.

In the latter half of each session, the participants learned about Tokyo Tech's career support services. This portion included an introduction to career counseling, as well as examples of typical timelines regarding job hunting and job placement among Tokyo Tech graduates. Career Advisors also shared information regarding academic research, employment, and career characteristics specific to Tokyo Tech students.

Each session also included important components during which current graduate-level students spoke to their new Tokyo Tech counterparts. During the Japanese sessions, a total of four Japanese students shared their views on learning and research. During the English sessions, two international students offered advice on life in Japan, the importance and joy of learning Japanese, and other experiences.

Overall, the orientation sessions not only provided important information on the unique features of Tokyo Tech, but also offered the newcomers useful tips and perspectives from fellow students.

Comments from new students at orientation sessions

Feedback regarding the event from new graduate-level students at Tokyo Tech included the following:

  • The summarized explanations were easy to understand.
  • Sharing the slides with us was very helpful.
  • This was a good introduction to graduate school life and gave me a rough roadmap going forward.
  • I understood what kind of preparation I need to do to get a job in Japan.
  • Really helpful and informative, and I feel really welcomed!
  • The information offered by today's orientation is very useful for me. Thank you!
  • The presenters appeared very friendly and approachable. I feel inspired by the opportunities available to students at Tokyo Tech.
  • It was very useful. I could understand how to schedule my study plan and career in the future.
  • A perfect overview on what to expect and prepare for the career path in Japan after graduation.

Comments from current students who presented at English orientation sessions

Martin Evandio
1st-year master's student, Computer Science

Student presenter Evandio
Student presenter Evandio

After earning my bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and gaining experience as an application developer in Indonesia, I made the decision to pursue a master's degree. I am currently in my first year in the Department of Computer Science at Tokyo Tech.

Throughout my time here, I have actively participated in various university activities, enhancing both my knowledge and experiences. During my free time, I enjoy attending live concerts and events around Tokyo, as well as playing various video games with my friends.

As a student presenter in the orientation session for incoming graduate students, I shared some of my experiences on how to learn Japanese and how to make Japanese friends. We might have the opportunity to meet each other at any number of Tokyo Tech events, and I am looking forward to it.

Wei Jun Wong
4th year, Computer Science

Student presenter Wong
Student presenter Wong

Born and raised in Singapore, I yearned to experience living in a different environment and decided to pursue my bachelor's degree in Japan. I'm currently in my final year in the School of Computing. Matriculating amid the COVID-19 pandemic, university has not been a bed of roses, but it is full of experiences that spur my personal growth.

In my presentation, I focused on my hands-on experience which may be quickly helpful for students coming from abroad and starting life here soon. During vacations, I like to explore the country of Japan using its sprawling rail network. Having gotten my driving license in Japan, I also occasionally rent a car to go on a drive. If you see me around on campus, please don’t hesitate to say hi!

Tokyo Tech's Peer Supporters, Peer Life Coaches, Student Life Coaches, Career Advisors, and all the members of the Student Success Support Section and Student Support Center are always ready to help students, whether it is at the beginning of their Tokyo Tech journey or further down their academic path. New students, welcome to Tokyo Tech!


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