School Festivals

The school festival held on the Ookayama campus is called the "Tokyo Tech Festival," and the one held on the Suzukakedai campus is called the "Suzukake Science Day."

Tokyo Tech Festival (Ookayama Campus)

The Tokyo Tech Festival, the school festival on the Ookayama campus, is held each year in the autumn (around October).

All aspects of the Tokyo Tech Festival, from planning through final execution, are undertaken by the students themselves.

In addition to refreshment booths run by clubs and volunteer groups, there are a variety of student-planned attractions, such as displays, shows, and musical performances.

Trial classes and open labs are also offered to provide a rare opportunity to see what the labs look like inside,
examine the results of research, etc.

Tokyo Tech Festival (in Japanese)

Tokyo Tech Festival (Ookayama Campus)

Suzukake Science Day (Suzukakedai Campus)

The Suzukake Science Day, the school festival on the Suzukakedai campus, is held each year in the spring (around May).

This festival has a special feel because it is put on by faculty and students together, and also includes participation by members of the local community.

Lectures, tea parties, cultural exhibits, open labs, and a variety of concerts take place at locations throughout the campus.

Suzukake Science Day (in Japanese)

Suzukake Science Day (Suzukakedai Campus)