Announcement of Privately Funded Scholarships (Okamoto Scholarship Foundation)


Scholarship Outlines

・Applicants will be enrolled as a Master’s or Doctoral students, or Undergraduate students in
3rd and 4th year in April 2023.

【Amount of Scholarship】
 80,000 yen per month

 January 4th, 2023– January 31th, 2023.

・Applicants must live in Chiba Prefecture.
・Applicants cannot apply if he/she receives scholarships over 600,000 yen per year.
・Applicants cannot apply for the scholarship, in the case that his/her spouse:
- is a Monbukagakusho Scholarship student.
- is receiving scholarship from home country.
- has a full-time job in Japan.
・Applicants must attend the monthly meeting organized by the Foundation.
Applicants must have Japanese language ability.

For more information, please see the application guidelines.

1 Notes on Application

When applying, please read the application guidelines carefully and follow the instructions.


Financial Aid Group, Student Support Division