【International Student Help Desk】Start from Apr.10 @TAKI PLAZA


Dear International Students,
We are pleased to announce that “International Student Help Desk” will start on April 10th @TAKI PLAZA.
Senior students work together to solve your problems no matter in school or in life!

You may have encountered problems like…
・How can I join a club activity?
・What are the opening hours of the school library?
・How can I apply for a credit card?
・Can you help me to explain this notification in English/Chinese/Korean?
・I just want to talk with other international students.

And in the “International Student Help Desk” you can…
・Meet and talk with your peers!
・Get to know how to use the school facilities!
・Adapt to campus life and daily life in Japan faster!


Location: Taki Plaza B1 Global Lounge

The schedule for “International Student Help Desk” will be as follows for 2023 1Q:

★New Schedule starts from Apr.24th, 2023★

MON/ TUE/ WED/ THU 12:30~13:30
TUE 15:40~17:00

Chinese (MON/ TUE only)
Korean (WED/ THU only)

The International Student Help Desk provides information to international students who have questions related to academics, campus life, daily life, translation support, etc.
Staff at the Help Desk are all fellow Tokyo Tech students, and supported by the faculty and staff of the Student Support Center.
In the case of difficult matters, we will connect you with more appropriate person or section whenever necessary.
We are here committed to helping you learn and live better at Tokyo Tech! Please feel free to talk to us!


Student Success Support Section, Student Support Center

Email internationalstudentsupport@jim.titech.ac.jp