What You Should Do When You or Someone You Live With Is Suspected to Be COVID-19 Positive, Undergoes PCR or Antigen Testing, or Is Identified as a Close Contact(June 13, 2022)(Updated on November 1, 2022)


Published: June 13, 2022

To: All Students
From: Jun-ichi Imura, Executive Vice President for Education
Mitsuji Sampei, Director, Health Support Center
Toshihiko Fukuoka, Industrial Physician and School Doctor, Health Support Center

If you or someone you live with feels unwell and is suspected to be COVID-19 positive, or is identified as a Close Contact, please be sure to follow the instructions below.
Do not come to campus for the period designated by the Institute.
Refrain from actions that may be considered close contact with others (meeting without wearing a face mask, being in close proximity for an extended time or in spaces without sufficient ventilation, etc.).
●Check the manual below, referring to the sections that apply to you and the person you live with, and follow the relevant procedures such as staying away from campus and reporting your circumstances to relevant parties.
Students affiliated with laboratories must promptly notify their academic supervisor of their circumstances as necessary.
Note that the updated responses are effective from November 1, 2022.

【Response Manual for Students with Suspected COVID-19】(Updated November 1, 2022)

In particular, those who test positive or are identified as a Close Contact with symptoms must fill out the report available from the link below and submit it to pcrteststudent@jim.titech.ac.jp.
【COVID-19 PCR/antigen test report form】 https://www.titech.ac.jp/english/student-support/file/covid19-eng-.xlsx

In particular, if you test positive using a PCR/antigen test, or you are deemed a Close Contact (with symptoms) or equivalent, you must submit a report to Tokyo Tech by accessing and completing the following T2 Form:
After submitting your report, you will receive a confirmation email from pcrteststudent@jim.titech.ac.jp. Please follow the instructions provided in the email regarding the period you are required to stay away from campus, etc.
(New procedures from November 1, 2022)

Key changes from the previous response are as follows. Be sure to check the above manual for full details.
Those who test positive should contact anyone with whom they may have had close contact.
A “Close Contact” has been redefined as someone who has had conversation or has dined with a COVID-19 patient without wearing a face mask, and any individual living with a COVID-19 patient.
Reporting to Tokyo Tech is required only for those who test positive and those who are deemed Close Contacts (with symptoms).
(Updated November 1, 2022) Reporting procedures for COVID-19 cases (those who test positive, Close Contacts with symptoms) changed to online completion of T2 Form (from current email submission).

 Handling of authorized absences granted to students who miss face-to-face classes due to COVID-19 (Updated October 11, 2022)


Health Support Center

Email : pcrteststudent@jim.titech.ac.jp