Special Measures Regarding Leave of Absence Granted for Students Remaining outside of Japan Due to COVID-19 (from the AY 2022 fall semester)


Since the AY 2020 spring semester, Tokyo Tech has taken special measures regarding leave of absence for students staying outside Japan due to COVID-19 (/english/enrolled/news/2020/047766), and will continue to do so for the AY 2022 fall semester onwards. The decision was made in light of the fact that the continued spread of infection may affect travel/return to Japan despite the easing of entry restrictions.
Please see below for details. (Note that there are a few amendments which will take effect from the fall semester.)

If you wish to request a leave of absence, you will first need to undertake an online interview with your academic supervisor/advisor. Then prepare “Request for Leave of Absence” and “Reason for Leave of Absence (Disrupted Travel to Japan Due to COVID-19)” forms. Those forms must be submitted on your behalf by your academic supervisor/advisor to the Student Division within three months after the first day of each relevant semester.
(On September 12, relevant information relating to this matter was sent to the following members: Department Chairs, Chairs of First-Year Studies, Heads of Academic Groups, Heads of Graduate Studies, and Chairs of Professional Master’s Degree Programs.)

1. Eligible students
Bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, doctoral degree, or professional master’s degree students who are either of the following, regardless of whether or not they are currently taking a leave of absence:
(1) Newly admitted international students who are unable to come to Japan, and whose actual arrival is expected to be significantly delayed
(2) Students who are unable to return to Japan from studying abroad or from their home country, etc., and whose actual arrival in Japan is expected to be significantly delayed
Note: Before beginning the process of requesting the leave of absence, make sure that you satisfy either one of the above conditions.

2. Rules
・ The leave of absence will be granted retroactively starting from the first day of each semester, as long as the request is received within three months after the first day (i.e., the deadline will be June 30 for spring semester and December 28 for fall semester).
・ Beginning from the AY 2022 fall semester, a request for a leave of absence pertaining to the special measures should be made for each semester. (Leaves of absence to be taken in units of one year are not permitted.)
・ The absence period permitted due to the special measures will not be subject to accumulation of the absence period stipulated in Institute regulations on leave of absence.

3. Important points to note
・ During a leave of absence subject to special measures, students are not permitted to attend classes (or receive research supervision). If the leave is granted retroactively, previous attendance will be disregarded.
・ Those who are currently in Japan are not eligible.

Contact information for inquiries:
Undergraduate Services Group, Student Division: kyo.gak@jim.titech.ac.jp
Graduate Services Group, Student Division: kyo.dai@jim.titech.ac.jp
Students of the School of Life Science and Technology, the Graduate School of Life Science and Technology, and the Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Engineering should contact the Suzukakedai Student Group (suz.kyo@jim.titech.ac.jp).