Entrepreneurship Developmenet Program/ToTAL OPEN Programs "Design Thinking Workshop for Beginners" 2022


We are happy to announce "Call for Entries" to the subject workshop. Any of Tokyo Tech students, who are belonging to the categories below, are being encouraged to apply the workshop.

Any students (both Graduates and Under Graduate students) who are interested in fostering your own entrepreneurship (This workshop is designated as a part of Tokyo Tech Enturepureneurship Development Programs)
Any students (both Graduates and Under Graduate students) who are interested in Design Thinking methodology and/or ToTAL/OPEN Programs (please refer below).
Any Graduate students who applied ToTAL courses; Fundamental Group Work for Leadership I/II, (Master's/Doctoral) Essential Group Work for Leadership (S)
Any Doctoral students who are member of "Cross the border! Tokyo-Tech pioneering doctoral research program"

participants in past 1

participants in past 2


Design Thinking is the concept and methodology for creating innovation and the fundamental of entrepreneurship. This workshop is aiming for establishing your base of such capability. Famous 5 steps of Design Thinking, such as "Empathy", "Define", "Ideate", "Prototype" and "Test", can be experienced during the workshop. It is recommendable to join further level of workshop such as "1day IdeaThoon" and "Design Thinking for Your Creative Practice" to be facilitated by tutors from Stanford University/d/school in the next semester. Any of undergraduate students are being welcome to this workshop.

Voices from participants in past

  • This workshop is worthwhile for any Tokyo Tech students because you can try what you learned immediately and you can learn a tip of Design Thinking in half day. You will also establish network with students who are belonging other department than yours (B4)
  • It was good opportunity for me to learn this workshop because I learned important concept and thinking methodology for establishing new business. I want to join once more. (B2)
  • I would like a lot of students to join this workshop and to learn Design Thinkin. The structure and procedure of this workshop were well prepared. (M1)
  • I would like to recommend this workshop to any students who never had any experience relating to "entrepreneurship" and "design Thninking" because everybody can enjoy the workshop in very limited time. You will also be able to enjoy to sharing time with the students who have different background than yours. (B3)

Date & Time

Saturday, June 25, 2022 1:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.


Taki Plaza B2F, O-okayama (it may change to "on-line" depend on COVID-19 situation)


Around 25 (in case of oversubscription, selection will be made by putting priority on the students who applied ToTAL course(s) and/or under-graduate students)


Please apply from Google Form which is referred in ToTAL/web page below:

Whether or not the applicant can actually join the workshop will be informed later to the applicants.

Entrepreneurship Developmenet Program/ToTAL OPEN Programs "Design Thinking Workshop for Beginners" Flyer

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Kamura, Matsuzaki and Yamada Tokyo Tech Academy for Leadership (ToTAL)

Applications and Inquires

Prof. Kamura, Prof. Matsuzaki and Prof. Yamada Tokyo Tech Academy for Leadership (ToTAL) total.


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