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International Graduate Program (A) Overseas Application Guide

Enrollment Date: Late September, 2021 (to be announced)

Number of Admitted Students: Several students in each department
Types of Programs: Integrated Doctoral Education Program, Master's Program
Application Period: September 11, 2020 - December 8, 2020

List of Faculties, IGP(A)2021 (as of November 30, 2020)

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1. General Prospectus

Tokyo Tech launched its International Graduate Program in October 2007 as an opportunity for qualified international students, who may have little or no knowledge of the Japanese language, to enroll in Tokyo Tech's Master's programs and pursue an advanced degree in Japan.

With a diverse group of academic departments participating in this program, students should be able to find a department in which to further their research, acquire broader knowledge and understanding, and conduct advanced long-term research in a field that best matches their interests and background.

There is no Japanese language requirement for this program as lectures and seminars are held in English. However, students are given opportunities to attend Japanese language classes on a regular basis in order to better adapt to daily life in Japan.

A limited number of students with outstanding academic records are eligible to apply for a scholarship from Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology ("MEXT") with a recommendation from Tokyo Tech.

2. Programs

The International Graduate Program offers a choice of seven English-language based curricular programs related to the 15 departments of Tokyo Tech and enables students to obtain a Master's or Doctoral degree. There are two types of programs: Integrated Doctoral Education Program and Master's Program. Some curricular programs are set up as an Integrated Doctoral Education Program, designed to combine the Master's Program and Doctoral Program so that graduate students can obtain both degrees within three to five years.

Applicants are required to specify their choice of program from among those listed below:

List of Departments and Programs


School of Science

Offered degree programs

・Integrated Doctoral Education Program

Related Departments

Faculty List



School of Engineering

Offered degree programs

・Integrated Doctoral Education Program

Related Departments

Faculty List

Contact (Associate Prof. Takushi SAITO)


School of Materials and Chemical Technology

Offered degree programs

・Integrated Doctoral Education Program

Related Departments

Faculty List

Contact (Associate Prof. Equo KOBAYASHI, Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering) (Prof. Teruoki TAGO, Dept. of Chemical Science and Engineering)


School of Life Science and Technology

Offered degree programs

・Integrated Doctoral Education Program

Related Departments

Faculty List



School of Environment and Society

Offered degree programs

・Integrated Doctoral Education Program
・Masterʼs Program

Related Departments

Faculty List

Contact (Profs. Akihiro TAKAHASHI, Shinjiro Kanae, Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering) (Prof. Shin-ichi OKUMURA, Associate Profs. Ryo MURATA, Naoko SAIO, Shuji TAMURA, Dept. of Architecture and Building Engineering)


School of Environment and Society

Offered degree programs

・Integrated Doctoral Education Program

Related Departments

Faculty List

Contact (Prof. Shinya HANAOKA)

**Syllabi (for reference)

Integrated Doctoral Education Program and Master's Program are outlined as following.

1. Integrated Doctoral Education Program
This is a combined Master's and Doctoral Program, and is considered to be one continuous course of study, which cannot be divided into two separate programs. In the Master's segment, students who demonstrate outstanding academic performance may be able to reduce their period of study. Similarly, in the Doctoral segment, students who demonstrate outstanding academic and research performance during the program may be able to reduce their period of study. Such students may be able to complete the entire Master's and Doctoral Program in the minimum period of three years.
Conventionally, in a Japanese postgraduate program, students studying for a Master's degree must take 30 credits or more within a two-year period and for a Doctoral degree must take 24 credits or more within an additional three years of study follows the Master's Program. The Integrated Doctoral Education Program requires students to enroll in the Tokyo Tech Master's program, regardless of whether or not they have already earned a Master's degree. A maximum of 10 previously earned credits from a graduate school may be transferred to Tokyo Tech upon approval.

2. Master's Program
Students enrolled in the Master's degree program are expected to successfully complete their supervised studies within two years. To attain a Master's degree, students need to earn a designated number of credits outlined by their department in a predetermined program of study; complete and receive approval of their research thesis; and pass a comprehensive final examination. Students who demonstrate outstanding academic performance may be able to reduce their period of study.

3. Eligibility

Applicants NOT residing in Japan, who satisfy one of the following conditions.

Please note that applicants may NOT (i) apply to a different Tokyo Tech program before receiving admission results or (ii) submit multiple applications to different master's programs for the same enrollment period. Applications in either of the above two cases will be rejected or revoked.

Integrated Doctoral Education Program & Master's Program

(1) Persons who have successfully completed 16 years of education outside Japan or who are expected to do so by the day before the enrolement date
(2) Persons who have graduated from a university or college in Japan
(3) Persons who have successfully completed 3 years or more of education at a university or college outside Japan and obtained a degree euivalent to Bachelor's degree or who are expected to do so by the day before enrollement date
(4) Persons who have successfully completed 15 years of education and obtained a degree equivalent to Bachelor's degree outside Japan or who are expected to do so by the day before the enrollement date and are individually assessed and recognized by the relevant School of Tokyo Institute of Technology as having outstanding academic records
(5) Persons whose countries do not require 16 years of education to obtain a university-level education but who satisfy both of the conditions noted below and are individually assessed and recognized by the Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School as having academic ability equivalent to or higher than that of the graduates of a Japanese university
a. Persons who have spent at least one year as a research student or research fellow at a university or research institution in or outside Japan after successfully obtaining a Bachelor's degree
b. Persons who are at least 22 years old by the day before enrollment date

The Application for Individual Assessment of Admission Eligibility and supplemental documents are required for applicants who apply under the eligibility conditions (4)or(5).Applicants will be informed of the results of their individual assessment of admission eligibility in early January 2021.

Applicants who apply under the eligibility condition (3) may be required to submit the application form for the Individual Assessment of Admission Eligibility and supplemental documents according to applicant's academic background etc. Applicants who apply under (3) should consult the Admissions Division before applying.

Japanese citizens, not residing in Japan, who satisfy the above conditions and have visas* which enable him/her to stay for a long period in the country where he/she lives may apply for this program. Applicants who are Japanese citizens should consult the Admission Division before applying.

*Permanent residence, student visa, work visa etc. (Working holiday visas, tourist visas, short-term stay visas etc. are not valid for the purpose of applying for this program.)
Note: The admission of applicants expecting to graduate from a university or college will be revoked should the applicant fail to graduate or obtain a master's or professional master's degree by the day before the enrollment date.

4. Application Procedures

Prior to submitting the application materials to the Admissions Division, applicants must arrange for a Tokyo Tech faculty member to serve as an academic supervisor. Applicants are required to communicate directly with their intended faculty member at Tokyo Tech via email and provide a self-introductory statement and a letter of intent for their period of study at Tokyo Tech, and obtain the consent of the desired faculty member to serve in this capacity.

Applications will not be considered without the consent of a Tokyo Tech faculty member who will act as the applicant's academic supervisor.

Faculty members are affiliated with schools and assigned to teach for a major. Students must select a major that is indicated on the lists of faculties. Please ask your intended academic supervisor which major you should select. Requirements for the completion of a degree are stipulated for each major.

For further information on our faculty members, such as email addresses and contact information, please refer to the "STAR Search" (researchers' database) on the Tokyo Tech homepage.
Some academic supervisors may require the submission of additional documents before the stated deadline.

Application Requirements


Required Documents




Field of Study and Study Program [Research Proposal]


Official Academic Transcripts (original or certified copy)
1)For applicants to Integrated Doctoral Program and Master's Program: official academic transcripts for undergraduate programs
2)For MEXT scholarship applicants previously enroled in a graduate school: official academic transcripts for graduate programs


Certificate(s) Confirming Graduation and Degree or Expected Graduation and degree (originals or certified copies)
If the applicant graduated or is graduating early or has skipped a grade or year, please submit an official document or letter issued by the school indicating such fact.


Summary of Thesis or Research (free format)
An outline of your study or research in your undergraduate course.


English Proficiency Test Score Report (original, no photocopies)
MEXT scholarship applicants are required to submit English proficiency test score report of one of the following tests taken on or after January 1, 2019:
TOEFL iBT (including TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition)
TOEFL ITP Plus for China Solution (taken in Mainland of China)
TOEFL Paper-delivered Tes
IELTS Academic Module
Non-MEXT scholarship applicants should submit the score report of the above mentioned English Proficiency test taken on or after December 9, 2018.
Tokyo Tech will not accept score reports from the Institutional Testing Program of TOEFL (TOEFL-ITP) or TOEIC (TOEIC-IP), TOEIC S&W, or other proficiency tests not specifically listed above.
Applicants can request ETS or the British Council to send an official score report directly to Tokyo Institute of Technology, ensuring that it reaches the Admissions Division by the designated deadline.Tokyo Institute of Technology's institutional code number for ETS is "0215".

Exemption from English Language Proficiency Test Score Report Submission
Applicants who meet either (or both) of the following conditions may be exempted from the English language proficiency test score submission requirement.
(i) Native English speakers
(ii) Students who have been awarded an undergraduate and/or graduate degree* from an institution where all instruction was in English
Please note that the department of the applicant’s prospective academic supervisor will determine whether or not the applicant is exempted from this requirement.
Prior to submitting their application, applicants should consult with their intended academic supervisor and obtain an email or a letter issued by the department to verify that they are exempted from requirement to submit test scores. After obtaining this verification, the applicant should submit a printed copy of the email or letter together with their other application materials.
*Undergraduate and graduate degrees should be equivalent to the Japanese educational definitions of undergraduate, Master's or Doctoral degrees.


Recommendation Letter from the Dean or equivalent official of the applicant's home university addressed to the President of Tokyo Institute of Technology(free format, original, no photocopies)
These letters must be issued from the university the applicant attended for full time study.
Please note that Non-MEXT scholarship applicants are not required to submit this letter.


Evaluation Sheet with recommendation (in a single document) from a supervisor or head of department or similar official of the last university attended to verify the potential of the applicant (original, no photocopies)


Consent of a Tokyo Institute of Technology Faculty Member
Attach a printout of email correspondence or any other proof to verify that a Tokyo Tech faculty member has consented to be the applicant's academic supervisor during the intended period of study at Tokyo Tech.


Applicant's Passport (one photocopy of the page or pages with the applicant's name, nationality, date of birth and photo)
*A Japanese citizen must submit one photocopy of the page or pages of his/her passport that shows visas obtained in the country where he/she lives.


Application Fee: JPY 30,000
Applicants must pay the stated application fee by credit card within the application fee payment period.
Payment Period: September 11, 2020–December 8, 2020
Online payment by credit card → Please see the secure online payment website
Please attach a printout of the "Payment Verification" page from this website to your application documents.
Tokyo Tech CANNOT ACCEPT any payments made in CASH or by CHECK.
The application fee is non-refundable. However, in certain cases (see 1–3 below), the application fee may be refunded. In cases 1 and 2, bank remittance or transaction handling fees should be borne by the applicant.
1. Applicants who paid the application fee but did not submit the application documents
2. Application documents were not accepted due to incompleteness
3. Applicants who will receive the MEXT Scholarship and enroll in Tokyo Tech.

Documents 0-2: an electronic file must be submitted to the Admissions Division at before sending hard copies of the all documents (0-11) listed above to the Admissions Division by registered mail, courier, or a similar service.

Documents 3 & 4: original documents written in a language other than English or Japanese must be accompanied by a certified English or Japanese translation. Translations should be certified by a public institution or the issuing university.

Document 4: If the applicant is unable to submit a certificate of expected graduation and degree, he/she must submit a university-issued letter stating his/her name, date of birth, expected date of graduation, and degree to be attained.

Documents 3,4, & 6: If the applicant is unable to submit the respective document originals, copies certified by a public institution or the issuing authority may be accepted as substitutes. Documents downloaded and printed from the Internet are not accepted.

Please don't staple application materials

Application Requirements for Individual Assessment


Required Documents


Application for Individual Assessment of Admission Eligibility with the following supplementary documents:

・Certificate of Enrollment as a research student/fellow after graduation from an undergraduate course of study at a universit

This form is only for applicants requesting special admission consideration based on the eligibility condition (4)and (5) (and (3), if applicable) for Integrated Doctoral Education Program and Master's Program, as set forth in Section 3 "Eligibility" in this application guide.
These documents should be submitted along with the application documents listed above(0-11) by the application deadline.

Submission of Application Documents

The completed application documents must reach the Admissions Division no later than December 8, 2020 by registered mail, courier service or a similar service.

  • Mailing Address:
    Admissions Division
    Student Service Department
    West Bldg. 8E 212, 2-12-1 Ookayama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-8550 JAPAN
    Tel: +81-3-5734-3990

1) Tokyo Tech will not accept or consider any documents received after the stated deadline or any incomplete applications.
2) The applicant is responsible for the tracking and receipt of all materials. Tokyo Tech strongly encourages sending the documents by registered mail, courier service or a similar service that provides tracking numbers and receipt verification services.
3) Submitted documents will not be returned under any circumstances. Tokyo Tech will not provide photocopies of the submitted documents. Please keep a copy of all documents for personal reference. Should a document not be re-issued, please submit a certified copy instead.
4) Admission may be withdrawn at any time, even after enrollment, if the application documents are found to be invalid or contain false information.

5. Admission Decision

The admission decision will be made based on the application, academic transcripts, related documents and screening and interview processes (including an Internet-based interview). The Announcement of Successful Applicants (in PDF format) will be posted on the website ("Admission Updates") around 15:00 on Thursday, March 4, 2021. Notification of result would be sent upon request by email. Inquiries via telephone, etc., regarding the result of examination will not be answered.

6. Enrollment Fee and Annual Tuition

Students admitted to the International Graduate Program (A) who do not receive the MEXT Scholarship are required to pay the following fees:

Enrollment Fee
JPY 282,000
Annual Tuition
JPY 635,400

(Admission and tuition fees are subject to change.)

Payment of the enrollment fee and tuition for the fall (first) semester can be postponed, and payment of tuition for the spring (second) and subsequent semesters can be waived, upon application and approval. For details, please refer to the following site:

7. Scholarships

* Japanese citizens may not apply for the following scholarships.

1) MEXT Scholarship

IGP applicants with outstanding academic performance records may have a chance to apply for the Japanese Govenment (MEXT) Scholarship. The scholarship provides round-trip airfare to Japan, and a monthly stipend of JPY 147,000 for Master's Program students and JPY 148,000 for Doctoral Program students. This stipend is subject to change as specified by the regulations of the MEXT Scholarship program. Successful MEXT Scholarship recipients are not required to pay application, admission or tuition fees.

The candidates nominated for MEXT Scholarship will be notified together with the admission decision in mid-March. The notification of scholarship recipients will be sent to applicants in early August at the latest.

Qualification criteria for the MEXT Scholarship

Integrated Doctoral Education Program participants are required to achieve a satisfactory level of performance while enrolled into the Master's Program, in order to continuously receive the MEXT Scholarship benefits in Doctoral Program.

The allocation of MEXT Scholarships for International Graduate Program (A) Commencing in September 2021 (for reference)


Overseas applicants who enroll at Tokyo Tech have the chance to apply for the “Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students” from the Japan Student Services Organization ("JASSO").
Please note that those who are granted any other scholarship that doesn’t allow plural grants cannot apply for this scholarship simultaneously. The monthly amount of the JASSO scholarship is JPY 48,000 and is subject to change as specified by JASSO. The scholarship will be disbursed from October 2021 to March 2022 (6 months). Applicants must pay the admission and the tuition fees even if you are selected for the scholarship.
At this point, no application documents are required for the JASSO Scholarship. If you wish for the scholarship please check JASSO on the CHECK LIST.

Qualification criteria for the JASSO Scholarship
Your Japanese or English ability must be over the following level.
- Japanese: JLPT Level 1 or 2 or EJU over 200 in Japanese subjects
- English: Over B2 level in CEFR

Applicants may find more information on scholarships on the following website:

8. Inquiries

Answers to frequently asked questions about IGP admissions are included on the website below.
For other inquiries, please contact the Admissions Division at
Upon sending your question by email, please put the following words in the subject box:[Question]IGP(A)2021.09_applicants's full name


Admissions Division, Student Service Department