Now Recruiting: Tokyo Tech Student Ambassadors 2023


Tokyo Tech Admissions Section, part of the Office of Education, is recruiting current students who are eager to share their experiences at Tokyo Tech with prospective students from all over the world. Selected students will be formally appointed by the Institute’s Executive Vice President for Education as “Tokyo Tech Student Ambassadors.”

As a Student Ambassador, you will be a public representative of Tokyo Tech, communicating and engaging with prospective students and their families, as well as visitors to campus and to the Admissions website. As a contributor to the Admissions website, you will write posts for the Ambassadors’ Blog with the aim of engaging prospective international students by describing your experiences and impressions of campus life at Tokyo Tech.

This year, the academic year 2022, seventeen Tokyo Tech students from 12 countries and regions were appointed as Student Ambassadors 2022. These students, who represent various levels of study and possess different motives for coming to Japan and the Institute, share their thoughts on research at Tokyo Tech, the challenges of learning Japanese, the support system around them, and various other topics on the Tokyo Tech Ambassadors' Blog.

Call for Students Ambassador

To be considered for the appointment, you must:

  • Be a current Tokyo Tech student enrolled in a Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral or Professional Master’s degree program
  • Understand the role of a Tokyo Tech Student Ambassador as one who serves as a model student and public representative of Tokyo Tech
  • Obtain prior consent from a supervising faculty member before applying, and clearly indicate who this faculty member is.
  • Possess strong communication (writing and speaking) skills in English
  • Be open-minded and adept at connecting with others
  • Be self-motivated, dependable, and responsible
  • Be or have been actively participating in extracurricular campus activities and/or community service
  • Be in good academic standing toward the completion of your degree program
  • Be a person who is positive and enjoys life!

Duration of appointment:

April 2023 to March 2024 (one academic year)
Your term as a Student Ambassador can be renewed on request, pending review by Admissions Section at the end of academic year.

Student Ambassadors are expected to:

  • Join training and kick-off sessions at the beginning of their term as Ambassador
  • Attend Student Ambassadors’ meetings
  • Write a blog post (500 – 1600 words with photo images) approximately once every 3 months. (
  • Instructions regarding the blog posts will be provided. Admission Section will review, and if necessary, edit content with the consent of the writer, before uploading.
  • Contribute to other events aimed at attracting prospective students and assisting or guiding visitors to campus


  • JPY 3,630 (Including tax) per blog post
  • JPY 1,080 (Excluding consumption tax) per hour for joining a training and kick off session, or participating in other designated events
  • Recognition: your short bio and photo will appear in a page on the website
  • Resume building: gain experience and develop skills in marketing, writing for social media, public speaking, and event planning
  • Networking: collaborate with other
  • Student Ambassadors from different departments and degree programs

Serving as a Student Ambassador is a great way to develop valuable professional skills, gain work experience, broaden your network, and enhance your personal development.

Student Ambassador Application

2023 Schedule:

Submit the required documents and apply for the application form:

by February 10

Document screening & (Zoom) Interview:

by March 10

Announcement of selection results:

by End of March

KICK-OFF Training:

by mid-April

Submit self-introduction (100-200 words) for the blog page:

by mid-April

Photo Session (portrait & photo session by professional photographer):


Submit 1st blog:


KICK-OFF Ceremony:


Please note that, for a selection, we will consider the balance of grade, affiliation, country of origin, and gender of the applicants.

If you are a 4th-year undergraduate or above, you must obtain consent from a supervising faculty member for applying.
Before applying, please submit a CV and Consent Form to the Box below.
Click here to submit

  • CV:Any style is acceptable.
  • Consent Form:Please have your supervising faculty member sign the form and submit it.


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