Application of Certificates and Transcripts through the Kyomu-web(Update: 2020/6/18)


Published: June 1, 2020

Application of Certificates and Transcripts through the Kyomu-web(Update: 2020/6/18)

To prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, we are accepting application of certificates and transcripts thorough the Kyomu-web (the Web services for Student and Faculty) as follows.

【How to apply】
Login in to the Kyomu-web, and apply through “Application of Certificates” found in the questionnaire (アンケート) column.
* Students need to login in to the Tokyo Tech Portal first to login in to the Kyomu-web.
* Once you send it, you cannot modify your answer. If you need more certificates, please apply next time.
* Students leaving of absence need to contact the Student Division by email. Please be sure to write your name and student ID number.

【How to receive】
Certificates and transcripts will be sent to the address you designate.
* As a special exception affected by the spread of the novel coronavirus, the institute will bear the cost of delivery of certificates and transcripts. (Students don’t need to send envelops and stamps.)
* Certificates and transcripts cannot be received over the counter.

【Type of certificates available】

  • 1) Certificates of enrollment (in Japanese or English)
  • 2) Academic transcript (in Japanese or English)
  • 3) Certification of expected graduation / completion (in Japanese or English, only for students in their final year of study)
  • 4) Certificate of graduation / completion (in Japanese or English)
* Current students who are Tokyo Tech alumni can apply for 2) and 4) of the former program.
* Commuting route certification, student discount card for JR and health checkup certificate cannot be applied.

【Period of application / Expected date of delivery】
Each application period starts every Wednesday, and ends next Tuesday, 5 p.m.
Each expected date of delivery is the next day of the deadline date (Wednesday).


Student Division, Student Services Department

E-mail :

* Phone inquiries are not available.

Update : June 22, 2020