【Graduate students_tuition exemption】Deadline for application documents for international students who have not entered Japan as of July 10, 2020


Published: July 10, 2020

For international graduate applicants for the exemption from tuition, who could neither enter Japan as of July 10, 2020, nor complete the application (primary and secondary submission) by the deadline due to the effect of COVID-19, the following measures via e-mail will be taken.
Please read the below carefully if you want to continue the tuition exemption screening.


・For current students, those who have submitted the primary documents for tuition exemption by the deadline.

・For new students, those who have completed the tuition exemption web application by the deadline.

*Those who do not meet the above conditions are not eligible. New application is not allowed.

◆Current Students

Please submit all of the following documents by e-mail to the Student Support Division on the campus where you submitted your primary documents.

・PDF of secondary documents

・PDF of your passport pages, which proves the date when you left Japan last time

Submission deadline:5 pm on Friday, July 17, 2020, Japan time

*Submission after the deadline will not be accepted.

◆New Students(who enrolled in April 2020)

By the end of July, the Student Support Division will contact the eligible persons via your Tokyo Tech e-mail. Please check your @m.titech.ac.jp e-mail.

Exemptions from Enrollment Fee and Tuition for Graduate Students



Ookayama campus/Financial Aid Group


Suzukakedai campus/Suzukakedai Student Support Group


Update : July 10, 2020