[Important] Points to consider for those students who wish to return to their home country


Published: August 6, 2020

                                     Revised: February 10, 2021

To: International students staying in Japan

From: Contact Office for International Students

Points to consider for those students who wish to return to their home country

Although foreign nationals with a re-entry permit for Japan are currently allowed to enter the country, for the purpose of strengthening border control, they are requested to submit upon arrival a certificate of negative test result of a pre-entry COVID-19 test conducted within 72 hours when arriving from the countries/regions designated as an area subject to denial of permission to enter Japan.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan website

(Japanese) https://www.mofa.go.jp/mofaj/ca/fna/page4_005130.html

(English) https://www.mofa.go.jp/ca/fna/page4e_001053.html

However, Japan’s policy is changing day by day as new infections are still widespread.

In addition, the Japanese government continues to require anybody arriving from all countries to wait 14 days at a location designated by the quarantine station chief and to refrain from using public transportation. (Tokyo Tech dormitories and shared accommodation cannot be used for quarantine purposes.) You should not use public transportation including taxis to get to your accommodation or residence. You must arrange accommodation and private transportation by yourself before leaving your home country*.

* Tokyo Tech will not provide financial support for quarantine required after re-entering Japan.

For students who strongly wish to return to their home country, we ask that you fully consider the following points and make a comprehensive judgment after consulting your academic supervisor, department chair, and/or academic advisor.

1. Depending on how the status of infections develops, the Japanese government may decide not to allow re-entry, so make a study plan assuming the possibility of not being able to re-enter Japan for a long period of time.

2. From this April, the implementation policy of courses may be changed depending on the circumstances, such as switching from online to face-to-face, or conducting tests face-to-face unlike the current academic year. Therefore, if you are not able to re-enter Japan, you may not be able to earn credits by only studying online from your home country.

3. Consider moving out of your accommodation before leaving Japan in order to prevent trouble such as delays in rent payments and leaving your dormitory/apartment room uncleaned. Please discuss your long-term absence with your apartment owner before leaving Japan.

4. Make arrangements to pay tuition even after you return to your home country. (Note that you will be dismissed from Tokyo Tech if you are unable to pay tuition by the due date.)

5. Payment of MEXT scholarships or other private scholarships may be stopped after returning to your home country, so please check the conditions carefully before leaving Japan.

Please send any inquiries to: contact.intl.student@jim.titech.ac.jp

Update : February 10, 2021